Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Resort Review: Phuket Pavilions (5*)

OK, we just got back from Phuket =) the weather was great and surprisingly, it wasn't as humid as we had expected probably because we didn't venture out and also we were up on a hill =)

what we like about the resort:
+ very near the airport (about 25 mins drive)
+ pick-up by private vehicle (toyota camry) with lemongrass-scented chilled towels, cold drinks and assorted fresh fruit platter in the car ^^
+ entrance into resort through nice row of tress ^^

+ check-in when we're comfortably settled in our villa

[welcome drink and bouquet]

+ really exclusive and serene
+ very spacious villa with one living room, one bed-room and a toilet the size of our HDB bed-room which instantly transforms into a persoanl spa =)

+ you have the entire place to yourselves =) here's our pool. ah ya, if we knew it was so exclusive, no need bring swim suit le =P kekeke... can swim in the buff, very good won't get tan lines LOL

+ the food is reasonably priced and tastes authentic (price is somewhat like those family thai restaurants in singapore such as lemongrass)
+ got complimentary afternoon tea everyday consisting of tea, scones with cream, butter and preserves, sandwiches and cakes (the plain kind like sara lee, not the pretty kind).

+ hilltop bar with nice view =)
[360 degree bar]

[veranda restaurant]

+ got free DVDs: we watched click, XXX part 2 (in case u r wondering, it's a show about some special agent called XXX -.-|||) and shaolin soccer.
+ they allowed us late check-out til 4:30pm

what we wished was better:
- wa biang, the driver is worse than any taxi driver in singapore. he thinks he is the qiu ming shan driver (initial D) i felt a little sick LOL =P
- service is not very consistent... when we call, sometimes they know our villa number, sometimes they don't o.O and they didn't really address us by name (unlike most of the other luxury resorts we have been to)
- big big bath tub but WATER NOT HOT ENOUGH *slap forehead* and they didn't provide bath salt or bth gel (heng ah, i brought two loccitane bath tablets)
- the infinity pool... yes, it's infinity but we had expected unblocked view of ocean... but there were trees... oh well, give n take la. the trees provide privacy so you can swim or strut around in the buff without fearing that people can see LOL
- basket, they blocked our slingbox!!!! so we could not watch our shows -.- i missed my abalone family show =(
- because we're up on a hill, beach is not a few steps away, it's a 5-min drive DOWN. so give and take la... u want privacy and good view ma. so we didn't go to the beach. actually i wanted to go but chris didn't want and he didn't allow me to go alone ma so end up we didn't go lor.

watch out for more posts on my thai cooking class and macro shots! ^^