Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thai Cooking Class: TCC1101

other people go to le cordon bleu in france to learn cooking, i signed up for thai cooking class at the resort ^^ for 950THB (about SGD$50+ after tax), i learnt how to make grilled beef thai salad and green curry chicken =) they even gave me an apron and certificate ^^

see the amount of preparation done by the thai chef... it's nice to just cook and not have to do the prep and wash-up kekeke =DD

thai green curry chicken (with curry paste made from scratch (by the chef LOL... he gve me the recipe and taught me how to make it la))

grilled beef salad with thai dressing =) chris liked the dressing and actually ate the lettuce!!! WAH!!!

they served the food i cooked (with the help of the chef) with plain rice for us =) chris was the happiest. he didn't even lift a finger... he just arrived for lunch LOL (the photos of me cooking were taken by the other waiters) the only photo he took is the first photo of me pointing at my salad =P