Monday, 14 September 2009

Traumatic Flights To and From Phuket

Golly, although our holiday was very nice, our silkair flights to and from phuket were quite bad. the flight there was worse LOL

first there were these noisy kids who jujujujujujujujujujuju yak in their high-pitched voices THROUGHOUT the 1.5 hour trip -.- heng i had my pressure-regulating ear plugs on...

kid1 to kid2: so are we staying in the same hotel?
chris to me: definitely not the same as me! LOL

then there were these really unco-operative passengers... sheesh, i pity the air-stewardess... i think the she was v v polite. i wanted to give him two tight slaps myself. this group of people think they were going on a class excursion, move here move there never sit in their assigned seats...

air stewardess: sir, 14D is here (point at the other side)

then got another one...

air stewardess: sir, 14B is here (point at the other side)


there was turbulence. the pilot announced for everyone to go back to their seats, seat-belt sign on... they insist on getting their refill... die die must have their orange juice -.-

air stewardess: sir, i will get it for you later.
man: orange juice!
air stewardess: sorry sir, i will get it for you in a while. there is turbulence now so we can't serve.

and refuse to put on seat-belt...

air stewardess: sir, pls put on your seat-belt.
man: *act blur*
air stewardess: sir, you have to put on your seat-belt.
man: *still didn't buckle, some ang mos turned around to diao him. we also diao him from behind*
air stewardess: sir, you have to put it on for your safety.

then when we were about to land, pilot made the announcement to say pls return to your seats, seat-belt sign on... that man got up and wanted to go to the toilet...

air stewardess: sir, pls return to your seat!
man: *continue walking*
air stewardess: SIR! *run after him* you need to return to your seat! we're landing!


then on our flight back, there was this woman who kept yakking yakking yakking NON-STOP throughout behind us so loudly the whole plane could hear her entire conversation. i even know which part of england she is from -.- then when the air-stewardess served dinner...

air stewardess: mdm, would you like a drink?
woman: oh yes, i'm really thirsy! =D

i wonder why she is really thirsty... -.-

we forgot to check-in on-line and i forgot to tell the person at check-in that i wanted an aisle seat so we were in the window and middle seat (i was middle). the guy beside me kept knocking into me when sawing his chicken chop -.- then after they cleared the trays he zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz went to sleep but i needed to go to the toilet... i loon lor what to do? wake people up meh? v fast reach changi le la. i wanted to hook my fingers on the ledge above and swing my legs out (like ninja warrior) but chris o.O me when i told him about my plan...

me: so dear, do u think i can make it? swing my legs over?
chris: u say leh?

u meet all sorts of weird people on the plane...