Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wow! That's So BOOMS!

on sat while waiting for our friend to join us for dinner, chris n i hung out at Times bookstore for a while and my eyes caught the book "Dictionary of Singlish". i remember in NUS where i studied english (yes, english was one of my majors LOL) we had to do an assignment to evaluate singlish words i.e. say whether it's a noun, verb, adjective etc and give examples of uses. it was quite fun haha...

i think they should review it and include the word BOOMS into it. it's coined and popularised by our very own Ms Singapore Ris Low in her famous interview.

booms (adjective): amazing, fantastic, fabulous.

Examples of use:

"Our Bah Kut Teh [is] more booms than Malaysia one k!"
"Wa! You passed driving first time? That's so booms!
"Chris thinks he is a booms husband."

on sun over lunch...

me: er dear, i think we should get a bigger tatami mat for the jap table set... you know, the type with the triangular back rest...
chris: oh wow, that's so booms!
me: O.o???
chris: so are you gonna get RAD?
me: -.-???
chris: or leopard PREEN?
me: -________-|||