Thursday, 1 October 2009

The A-Z of Japan

So we have decided to go to Japan and the question "which part?" arises. of cos, kyoto is always one of my stopovers. i love kyoto. it's really beautiful ^^ some of my favourite photos were taken in kyoto my favourite hangout is asahido on kiyomizuzaka where they sell the famous kyoto kiyomizu pottery. damn expensive. one teacup can cost a few hundred SGD but see don't buy also feel damn shiok LOL and there got our favourite king crab restaurant ^^

Sometimes we play the A-Z of Japan game... to name the parts of japan we have been hahaha... you can click on the link to view a photo i have taken that represents the place. it could be food haha! some of the other places were visited before i picked up photography so donno where the photos went le =P i have the hard copies though... some others i didn't take photo like lake toya... ah yo when we went the whole place was foggy we couldn't even see the lake! hahaha...

Asahikawa (this place boring la, we used it as a base for Furano and Biei), Arashiyama*, Arima (onsen), Akame (48 waterfalls)
Beppu, Biei (when we went, the sunflowers not yet bloom =()
C - do Chubu (Nagoya international airport) and Chitose (hokkaido international airport) count? hahaha
D - do dotonburi and doguyasuji in Osaka count kekeke
E - nope
Furano, Fukuoka (Hakata is in here la), Fushimi-inari
G - Gion (Kyoto) and Ginza (Tokyo)??? =P
Hakone (this is where you go to visit Mt Fuji lor), Himeji (most beautiful castle in japan)*, Hiroshima, Hakata, Huis Ten Bosch
Ibusuki, Iwakuni*
J - neh
Kyoto*, Kobe, Kagoshima, Kyushu, Kujukushima, Kinugawa (onsen)
**L - Japanese got no L but it could be Lake _____ so Lake Toya can be here
Noboribetsu (onsen), Nagasaki (Huis Ten Bosch is in here lor), Nara, Nikko
Osaka, Otaru
P - neh
Q - Japanese got no Q la
R - neh
Sapporo, Sasebo (access kujukushima from here. kujukushima means "99 islands"), Sannomiya
Tokyo* go tokyo that time too busy shopping no time to take many photos hahaha
U - umeda (osaka) can anot?
**V - Japanese got no V
W - neh
Y - Yunohana (onsen)
Z - neh

hehehe... end of the year can add to this list le =DDD can add to T, S, I, U, B and K =D

*my favourites. definitely worth a visit =)
**to say "i love you" with a japanese accent, you gotta say "i RUB you" LOL