Thursday, 22 October 2009

"Bear Tear Sew"

in teochew means 馬蹄酥 (water chestnut pastry), one of my favourite snacks. it has a sticky caramel-like centre, which i presume is made from water chestnuts and loads of sugar, wrapped in an incredibly flaky pastry. with every bite, the layered pastry comes apart. the light and paper-thin pastry flakes melt in contact with the chewy centre to form a sweet paste that makes you happy =D

make sure you eat with a plate if you don't want to have to sweep the floor and don't eat in front of a blowing fan hor you'll have to wash your face or even hair cos you'll look like you have a lot of dandruff! LOL

i simply love it ^^ with a cup of hot tea... aaaahhhhh.... ^^ somehow, the malaysian ones taste better so when my mum-in-law bought some from malacca and asked if i wanted any, i buay paiseh-ly (unashamedly) took back some hehehe...

i am a happy girl =DDD