Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Grilled Salmon Rice

Here's an easy one-dish meal you can prepare for bento lunch ^^ courtesy of fancl newsletter but i made some slight modifications.

short grain rice (i use meidiya koshihikari rice) - 1 cup
salmon fillets (bones removed) - 1 or 2 depending on whether you want lots of salmon. actually one per cup is enough but when i bought them they came in packs of two so i cooked both =P
edamame beans - handful (pop the beans out from the pod) fresh will be good but if can't find, frozen ones can be used.

sake - 1 tbsp
i use sake quite a lot in cooking such as sautee-ing veggies, making teriyaki sauce etc. so i usually buy one big carton

yakinori (roasted seaweed) - strips
white sesame - about 1 tbsp
spring onion - chopped

rub salt all over salmon, leave in fridge for half an hour and grill for about 3 mins per side. it doesn't have to be thoroughly cooked. i use a non stick pan so i don't put any oil.

put rice in rice cooker, add water to mark, add sake and stir around a bit. you may add some salt if you want but i don't, since the salmon already has salt. place the cooked salmon fillet (with skin and bones removed) on rice then sprinkle in the edamame. let rice cook. when the button "pops", let it "keep warm" for 15 mins more to steam.

open lid, mix it around, breaking the fish into flakes. add sesame and mix around some more. garnish with roasted seaweed strips and chopped spring onion and serve ^^

if i want to cook this in the morning for obento, i will grill the salmon the night before and keep it in the fridge. and wash the edamame, chop the spring onions. then in the morning i just measure the rice, add in sake and all and let it cook while i do my make-up. when done, just add sesame, stir, scoop into lunchbox, garnish with spring onion (i keep the seaweed in a small container and garnish only before eating otherwise it will become soggy)! very convenient, healthy and delicious!

oh if you want to make modifications, do try it out first before that big event... my colleague tried cooking this to propose to girlfriend and he added mushrooms... and the mushrooms released more moisture so it turned out soggy. but thank God his girlfriend still agreed to marry him la LOL

i added chopped beni shoga (the red japanese ginger) and it tastes great! =))