Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn! ^^

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in our family, it's a tradition to eat 月餅 mooncakes on Mid-Autumn festival 中秋節, 燙圓 glutinous rice balls on 冬至 winter solstice and 元宵 15th day of lunar new year and 種子 rice dumplings on 端午節 dragon boat festival. for baked mooncakes, i love those with white lotus paste and EGGYOLKS!!!! double yolk is ideal. single is too little, quad is too much ^^ for 冰皮 snowskin mooncakes, i love the champagne truffle ones from raffles hotel.

i also love the ones pictured above from minamoto kitchoan in takashimaya. v v cute bunnies-shaped exterior enveloping a very light bean paste with a tinge of yuzu (japanese citrus fruit). these are not traditional mooncakes per se but sell like hot cakes during this season because of the cute shape. not cheap k. a box of 10 for $24 (that's $2.40 per piece!) one piece is the size of a 50c coin hor! chris just plop! put one into his mouth and munch munch munch... LOL

served with a cup of sencha... and butterfly lovers' concerto in the background... wa... nice. i'm in a very good mood. nice tea puts me in a v good mood =) (but just now chris wanted to play his DOTA -.- so we had it in the study and the background music was "ultra-kill!", "our ally town needs help!", kpish kpish! piang piang piang! "let darkness guide me!", "intriguing!", "the dead shall serve!", "the restless dead awaits!" -.-||| very salah background sound hor...?)

while enjoying the bunny wagashi (japanese confectionery) and green tea...

chris: eh dear, eat mooncakes and drink tea must 吟詩 recite poetry...
me: >.> ha?... er... ok...
chris: 一二三四五六七!(1234567!)
me: erm... 七六五四三二一?? (7654321?)
chris: -________-|||

my mother-in-law sent me an SMS:
中秋之際,我送你一個月餅,裡面有幸福,關心,还有愛心 ^______^ 中秋節快樂!
(On Mid-Autumn festival, i give you a mooncake. in the mooncake is happiness, my concern and my love ^____^ Happy Mid-Autumn! )

中秋節快樂!Happy Mid-Autumn!