Sunday, 4 October 2009


haha! we've booked our hotels, ryokans (traditional inn), minshuku (home-run inns) and gassho zukuri farmhouse in japan! for ryokans, this time we have chosen ryotei koyo in biwako (kyoto) and oishiya in ise =)

ryotei koyo has a nice outdoor hotspring bath with a view of biwako (Lake Biwa) but it's for men only =((( the ladies' outdoor hotspring bath is not that nice... hope they switch over =D usually ryokans will switch over so that guests get to try different views =) oishiya is very near meoto iwa (wedding rocks), a very famous natural landscape in japan and MIKOMOTO pearl island!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's cheaper there neh. that time i bought the pearl earrings in tokyo, singapore think $600+ but i paid $400+ =D this time i will get a matching necklace =DDD

and ise's gourmet includes ABALONE (the live one neh...)!!! =DDDDD *saliva drip down* and lobsters! =PPPPPPPPPPPPPP

so exciting so exciting!!!! my heart is beating so fast!!!!