Thursday, 15 October 2009

No H2O >.<|||

WA... this evening, something unusual happened. we just got back from dinner at about 9pm and when we turned on the tap, there was NO WATER!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!! how can??? we were so puzzled so chris went out to check the box outside... then we realised some of our neighbours also have no water... ah yo... this is terrible. singapore neh! how can have no water one??? and i was feeling v uncomfortable and tired and needed to shower badly =(

chris called the town council and they said they'd send someone here to take a look in ONE HOUR'S time. by then, it's 10 plus le... =(((( one of my neighbours said someone already called at 8 plus to complain that the rate of water flow is v v low but they have yet to send the plumber. tsk tsk tsk... sighz.

i called roger cos if he is at home i can shower there but he was at work. called pris she dao me never answer. wanted to call CY then pai seh =P worse case scenario: drive to my in laws' place to shower then drive back...

but fret not! my mother-in-law prayed and i went to test test the tap WWAAAAHHH!!!! got water le!!!! quickly go and shower!!!! then fill kettle with water and a pail of water in the toilet (in case tmr pang sai no water to flush LOL)

sheesh... we're so used to having running water that we take it for granted hor?