Monday, 26 October 2009

Obento ^^

i was so inspired by the obasan in the jap cooking video that i made our own colourful obento for lunch today ^^

here's chris'

and here's mine

there is salmon teriyaki, shredded cabbage with home-made wafu dressing (1000 island for chris cos he prefers 1000 island), omelette with spinach, persimmons, grapes.

wa, it took me 45 mins LOL if i make as many things as her (she had fried chicken la, sausages la, onigiri some more...) i think it will take twice as long. and i prepared the salad, dressing, fruit and teriyaki sauce the night before some more k... so in the morning i made the omelette with spinach, cooked the salmon and rice. plus wash up. i spent some time deciding how to arrange that's why so long =P