Saturday, 24 October 2009


means "What sh*t?" in hokkien... i can't help bursting out in hysterical laughter when i read ling's post about toyota's new hybrid car called...

take a deep breath... r u ready?

wait for it...

here it comes...

SAI!!! yes, it's called SAI which in hokkien means faecal deposits... i wonder if it runs on solid fuel (how apt...)

imagine the following scenarios...

Scenario 1:
*neighbour sees you with pail of water...*
neighbour: hi...
you: hehe... gotta wash my sai... =D

Scenario 2:
wife: dear, can i take your sai to work today?
husband: sure!

Scenario 3:
colleague: eh. your sai what colour ha?
you: oh, black...

Scenario 4:
*traffic jam...*
you: wa lao! i sat in my sai for one whole hour!

scenario 5:
*illegal parking*
officer: this one whose sai??!!

scenario 6:
wesley pastor: SMS XXXX, kindly move your sai to another spot, it's blocking people.

scenario 7:
wife to unfaithful husband...
wife: i caught you fooling around with another woman in your sai!

and the list goes on...