Saturday, 3 October 2009

A-Z of My Favourite Jap Food =D

my kor inspired this post =D some of the japanese food i love =D

Amaebi - sweet prawn
Bonito - fish flakes. when i eat takoyaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki, i like a lot of bonito flakes. the flakes will "dance" when you blow on it one ^^
Chutoro - medium fatty tuna (i actually prefer this to otoro "fatty tuna" cos i find otoro too oily)
Dobinmushi - teapot soup
Ebiko - shrimp roe
FUGU!!! - puffer fish =D
Gindara - silver cod and Ginnan - ginko nuts. i love grilled ginko nuts. i always order when i go to a yakitori restaurant.
Hitsumabushi - unagi rice specialty from Nagoya
Ikura - salmon roe. love the way it "pops" in the mouth =) and Ichigo - strawberries
J - haha, can't think of any.
KANI!!! - crab, in particular tarabagani, King Crab =) and KUROBUTA!!!!!! berkshire pork.
Momo - peach ^^ so sweet and juicy!!! AAHH.... the juice will drip down the hands one!! momo also means chicken thigh which we will order when eating yakitori MELON!!! it's those super expensive ones you see in japanese supermarkets. very very sweet =DDDD
Nasu - eggplant. i had a really really nice baked eggplant in Nara. i scraped the thing clean only left the skin (which formed kind of a receptacle)
Okonomiyaki - pancake with cabbage, egg and meats like bacon or seafood. i can't seem to find nice ones in singapore but it's osaka's signature dish =) and Omu Rice - fried rice wrapped in omelet. eh... not easy to do neh. you try la! and Oshiruko - red bean soup with rice cake. i like thos dessert v v much =D
Ponzu - a soy-based dip flavoured with citrus juices. great for dipping anything =D
RAMEN!!! - noodles soup. i especially like kyushu ramen cos it has mentaiko (spicy cod roe). i don't particularly dig mentaiko but somehow it adds a nice flavour to the broth =)
SOBA!!! - buckwheat noodles especially if it's handmade. and Sabashio - salted mackerel (usually grilled).
TARABAGANI - king crab. i don't like sri lankan crab cos i find that it has a smell... and Tempura - batter-fried stuff usually prawn but i prefer crab hehe.
UNI!! - sea urchin and Unagi - eel and Ume - plum. preserved plums with shiso is very nice with plain porridge =D
WAGYU!!!! - premium beef with marbled fat. and Wagashi - japanese confectionery. very pretty and perfect with macha (powdered green tea). the sweetness of the confectionery and the bitterness of the tea is 天下無雙(no equivalent perfect couple on earth). and Wasabi - horseradish. i mean the fresh kind that you have to grate, not the kind you squeeze out from a tube. sheesh, this reminds me i have yet to use my shark skin wasabi grater -.-
Yuzu - Japanese citrus fruit, kinda like a cross between pomelo and orange. v v fragrant. it has the tanginess of a citrus fruit minus the >.< feeling when you taste the juice. yuzu juice is used widely in japanese cooking. i find it great for salad dressing =) it's also what makes ponzu so nice. in singapore, you can't get fresh yuzu, only got bottled yuzu juice.
Zuwai gani - Snow/Queen Crab.