Monday, 30 November 2009

Lunch with Allan Wu and Wong Lilin =D

kkk, bluff you one la. we didn't lunch WITH them. we just happened to eat at the same coffeeshop, Nasi Padang at River Valley. well, i dropped chris off and went to park then when i arrived and took my seat, i saw a hamsom man walking towards me. i thought, "wa, this guys is so hot sia...! ... wait!!!! isn't he ALLAN WU???????????" his bulging muscles almost bursting his sleeves while he carried the tray of food to the table. then wong lilin sashayed towards him... golly, she is so pretty for her age and as a mother of two... so slim and sans make-up, she looked prettier than every girl in the coffeeshop. what a handsome couple... i eat also cannot concentrate.... at first they ate with their sunglasses on (indoors... celebs always like that one... they always wear sunglasses indoors. some like to wear caps or hats too... scared people recognise them... but then i think it's just worse cos people will be thinking this girl siao ha? in cinema still wear dark dark sunglasses??? wait... isn't she Zhao Wei coming to watch her own movie Mulan?? LOL) but after a while they took them off (so that they can see the food perhaps?? LOL) wondered whether they live around there... maybe... since they are WLLs (wu lui langs... k, WLL also stands for Wong Lilin LOL).

some people just have super good genes... i can imagine how good-looking their kids will grow up to be. and if people like Wong Lilin took part in Ms Singapore, we'd have a chance of winning something - she's hot, smart, classy and speaks good english, plus she is talented (she dances ballet).

my friend asked if i took a picture of the hottest mum in Singapore... please la peeps, i think people want to eat in peace. how would you like it if you're a celeb and people paparazzi you when you're digging into your sayur lodeh? leave them alone la... just periodically ogle enough le lor haha... i will probably only paparazzi people i don't like... especially if they look unglam... then put on my blog muahahahaha *evil grin*

what a delicious meal we had =D

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Restaurant Review: Kazu Sumiyaki (4.5*)

This obscure restaurant nestled amongst other Japanese restaurants and Japanese karaoke bars on level 4 of cuppage plaza delivered a pleasant surprise in terms of the great variety of good quality skewered delicacies. Strongly recommended by pamela, Chris and I decided to give it a try for our 7th Wedding Anniversary instead of our usual Torisho Taka at Gallery Hotel.

We had:
Grilled whole yellow fish (1)
Wagyu (2)
Chicken Wings (1)
Pork Jaw with Apple (2)
Pork with Asparagus (1)
Pork with Enoki (1)
Kurobuta with Miso (1)
Prawn and Scallop with bacon (1)
Ginko Nuts (1)
Shiitake (1)
Onion (1)
Garlic Fried Rice (1 - we shared)
Clam miso soup and seaweed miso soup (1 each)
yuzu sherbet (1)
black sesame ice cream (1)
musk melon (1 - we shared)

all the items we ordered were very nicely done and served very promptly. the only one i felt was over-done was the ginko nuts. it was bitter. but all in all, we enjoyed the food and what i liked v much were the pork jaw with apple, onion and chicken wings. the onion was so sweet and juicy =) the clam soup is nice too. i am not a fan of clam because "unfresh" clams are powdery and have a fishy smell but the clams were plump, juicy and fresh =)

dessert was very very good. i loved the yuzu sherbet and on the way back home i was still savouring the taste =D ok, some people may find it too sour but i find it very refreshing... love the taste of yuzu =D the cherry sauce topping made it even more tasty =D chris scraped his black sesame ice cream with azuki beans CLEAN... short of licking the bowl hahaha... musk melon cost $10 per slice and i have tasted sweeter ones (in japan... hahaha, at half the price)

total bill was $160 which i find reasonable. it would have been about $100 if we didn't order the yellow fish (chris likes it) which cost $50.

compared to Nambantei, this place has more variety in terms of exotic stuff. but if you like the chi chi atmosphere of torisho taka, you'd find this place a bit "not high class". but heck la, then you can don't care about ettiquette, go there in berms and feast ma LOL i'd say it's a place to bring your long-time girlfriend or wife but if you want to impress your clients or celebrate your first christmas or whateva with your girlfriend, torisho taka has much much nicer ambience la.

hahaha... on our way down, we saw a girl open the door of a karaoke, performed some funny ritual of bending down to touch her toes then turned around and repeated the act (hence showing off her behind) then she disappeared behind the frosted glass door and joined by another girl, both pressed their bodies against the frosted glass so from outside you could see their sexy silhouttes... chris n i were like

me: >.> er dear, did you see what i just saw??
chris: <.< hahaha... what on earth are they doing???

so funny...

Kazu Sumiyaki, Cuppage Centre 04-05, 67342492 (Reservations recommended)

Menopause the Musical (4*)

Caught Menopause the musical yesterday afternoon (matinee) with goodest bestest friend jiahui. The musical is set in a departmental store (how apt!) and the four women basically break out in song in the the various sections of the store such as women's restroom, lingerie department and salon etc. singing about "The Change" as they called it, which is menopause. Topics included memory lapses, hot flushes, cellulite, mood swings, disappearing chins, expanding butts and many more. The lyrics of familiar favourites such as "Staying Alive", "The Shoop Shoop Song" and "Only You" have been re-written to tell about these dreaded symptoms, delivering timely comedic effect. Although the set never changes and the props are minimalistic and often rehashed, the hilarious songs, great singing and dancing make this production an entertaining piece of work.

However, I find the $98 (most expensive) tickets we bought a tad expensive for such a small-scale production. so ok, you can get the $55 tickets (cheapest) ba LOL

we found it educational but frightening at the same time. at the end of the show...

me: wa, menopause sounds scary
jiahui: ya lor... got so many symptoms
me: wonder what hot flush feels like...
jiahui: donno...
me: every woman will go through it?
jiahui: yeah... unless you remove your womb i think... but think you have to take hormone pills cos you will lack them
me: so what will happen if you don't take hormone pills... you'll grow a moustache??
jiahui: donno... do guys go through menopause?
me: don't think so... but they either become botak or grow fat or both i guess...
jiahui: hm...

hm... haha...

Friday, 27 November 2009

Cooking for Two

one thing about cooking for two is wastage because the portions of food you buy are usually more than enough for two. so how do i reduce wastage? one way is to cook as often as possible cos that way, you can use the leftover (uncooked of cos) ingredients and re-invent them into new dishes.

for eg, when i made the sukiyaki, there were leftover tofu, tang o, mushrooms, chinese cabbage and udon so the next day i cooked tom yum udon soup for lunch =D

and when i cooked the okonomiyaki, i used 1/4 cabbage (i bought 1/2) so i will probably fry the rest with dried shrimps or cook cabbage soup. the japanese yam will be great in a soup =)

i might cook chicken in a biscuit chicken today and if i do, i'd probably not use up all the fillets in the packet. i'd keep two for lunch the next day (make porridge or something) or make chicken mayo for breakfast sandwich.

so i guess, you just have to plan and be creative and you'll be able to use up the ingredients ^^

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Vacuum Cleaner Dog

Scruffy has a new nicname - vacuum cleaner. cos he eats EVERYTHING that is on the floor. if you drop your food, you can forget about salvaging it. scruffy comes and zhioppp! it's gone LOL scruffy always sits under the dining table while we're having dinner, occasionally sticking his greedy face from under our arm pits or between our legs to see if anyone would give him food. no one does except patrick, chris' bro, who will sneak him some fish or rice -.- or chris' dad who has a tupperware of apple pieces ready for him.

on sunday we had banana leaf apollo (home delivery) fish head curry with pappadums and lynn accidentally dropped a piece of the cracker on the floor...

me: ah lynn! you dropped the pappadum!!
lynn: ah!
before her hand reached the floor, scruffy scooped it up into his mouth and the next thing we heard was kkkrrrrr... kkkrrrr... krrr...

chris' dad says when he brings scruffy down for walks (which is twice a day -.- retired people are v free), he has to make sure the path they take have no rubbish cos scruffy is like a vacuum cleaner who "sucks" up anything along the way.... chicken bones (he once had to wrestle with scruffy to dislodge a chicken bone from his tight jaws), tissue paper -.- and even... BIRD SH*T =PPP so you see this old man walking his dog but occasionally tugging and pulling the dog left right left right it's so comical hahaha...

i have never seen a greedier and stupider dog LOL but he is very skilful at the shrek kitty eyes tactic. awww... u just can't eat your fruit with those eyes staring at you. anyone would give up his/her grape/apple/water melon etc... LOL

Chill n Snooze Bed

AAAAaaaaawwwwwWWWW! we bought them the chill and snooze bed from busy barn and they love to hop in there to nibble the hay =)

doesn't claire look like the model in the pic on their website??? so cute ^^ i hope they won't pee in there thinking it's a third litter pan haha.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Who Wants To Live A Million Years?

haha my colleague intro this game to me... it's quite cute (i think ling will like it since she is a bio teacher).

and of cos i survived =D

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Killer Crib

Golly golly golly!!!! first it was KACHAH!!!! finger chopping strollers, now it's killer cribs. Storkcraft has recalled more than 2 million cribs they produced...

"The recall follows a total of 110 reported incidents of the drop-side breaking off.
They include 15 entrapments; 12 in the U.S. and three in Canada. Four of the entrapments resulted in suffocation.
The victims were a seven and a nine-month-old from New York, a seven-month-old from Los Angeles and a six-month-old from West Virginia. It also resulted in 20 infants falling from cots with injuries ranging from concussion to bumps and bruises."

4 deaths!!! FOUR DEATHS!!! >.<||| It just upsets me that parents pay good money thinking they're buying a quality product but end up killing/injuring their own babies. tsk tsk tsk... where's the quality control??? *shudder*

i don't think anyone i know uses this because it's only available in USA and Canada. you will need to order it on-line if you want it... *phew*

read more here and here's the abc news report.

High Security

hm... our experience at rose veranda, shangrila hotel, might have been marred by the amount of trouble and difficulty it took us to get there. when my girlfriend booked the place, she overlooked the fact that it would coincide with the APEC summit -___________-||| our reservation was 1130 - 230 but we arrived at 1230. this was what happened...

it took us 45 mins to get from RGS to shang >.< why? because there were policemen and security officers EVERYWHERE. security check-points coupled with the heavy downpour reduced traffic to a crawl. i didn't even get to step on the accelerator. it was just periodic releasing of the brakes. then when we finally arrived at the hotel entrance, i was told to open the boot and get out of the car. they checked even my girlfriend's bouquet and birthday present.

that wasn't the end. after i parked the car and walked up, the staircase exit led me to OUTSIDE the building so had to walk back through the front entrance. only one entrance was functional (they have cordoned off the rest or made them exit only) and i felt like i was about to board a plane except that there was no duty-free shopping -_______-||| yes mdm, pls put your bag in the basket... and my bag moved along the conveyer belt and went through the scanner while i walked through a gantry. the machine beeped so i had to stand on a pair of footprints and stretch out my arms like a scare crow while the female officer traced my silhoutte with her device. ok, clear, can go. at the end of the "customs", pretty hotel staff greeted everyone sweetly "welcome to shangrila hotel ^^" to appease us i guess.

moral of the story: AVOID all APEC venues in future.

Restuarant Review: Tunch at Rose Veranda (Shangrila Hotel) 3.5*

I have heard a lot about this cafe which boasts a comprehensive range of 102 varieties of tea so my girlfriend (who used to be my colleague) and i went there for tunch a couple of days ago since they were having 38% discount in conjunction with their 38% anniversary. reservations have to be made online here within 38 days in advance and no show will result in a $20 penalty (they require credit card details).

well, while i was impressed with the range of teas, delicate fine china teasets and perfectly pressed linen napkins, the spread did not really wow me. although they had a pretty good selection of sweets (including chocolate fondue fountain, which has become quite the norm), the savouries consisted of the usual fare. i'd say it was the company that i enjoyed much more. service was very pleasant and prompt. the waitress (i believe from china) helpfully recommended two teas for us to sample and i finished it off with an earl grey (of cos, one of my favourites ^^)

i don't think i will go there without the 38% discount. after the discount, it was about $27 each which i find decent. i prefer regent hotel's british high tea at $36+++

Monday, 23 November 2009

Garbage Girl

I have always thought i really might be "garbage girl" and my kor kinda reinforces that all the time LOL

i met an ex-colleague Y (who became a friend... you know, some people distinguish between "colleagues" and "friends") for tea and showed her my holiday pictures as well as pictures of my nieces. so one of the pictures of my mum and nieces popped up...

Y: that's your mum??? you don't look like your mum at all...
me: ha..? hm...
Y: you don't look like your brother too...
me: oh...? hm...
Y: you must look like your dad then...
me: i... don't think so... *try to recall how he looks* nope, i think my brother looks like him...

back at home, feeling insecure,

me: er dear... do i look like my mum?
chris: nope
me: do i look like my dad?
chris: neh
me: how about my kor?
chris: hm... not quite...
me: sheesh... i think i might really be garbage girl... my kor always says they picked me up from the garbage bin...
chris: no dear!
me: hm... my nieces! do they look like me?
chris: -.-?? *do i really have to go through this?*

hm... chris looks like his dad... patrick (chris' bro) looks like his mum, Linus (chris' kachng) is a copy of his dad. CY, that one no need to say.... you can totally tell that he is his mum's son LOL... G looks like her dad and sis... hm... and at friends' weddings, i always make it a point to observe their parents... they always look like at least one of their parents...

>.<||| *identity crisis*

Sunday, 22 November 2009


Dashi is the most basic stock used in many japanese dishes. it's a stock made from konbu (dried kelp) and katsuo bushi (which is rock-hard dried bonito fish shaved into flakes, or bonito flakes). in the olden days (n i believe in the rural areas of japan now), people take a "cake" of dried compressed bonito fish and shave it when needed but now, packets of shaved bonito flakes can be purchased at supermarkets.

The traditional way of making dashi is quite troublesome n expensive. you need to buy dried kelp and bonito flakes. first wipe clean a piece of konbu (6 X 4cm). put it in a pot of 7 cups of water. just before the water comes to boil, remove kelp and discard. sprinkle in 50g of bonito flakes (which is a lot because they're light as a feather... they will fly all over the place one hor) and remove pot from heat. as soon as the flakes sink, strain stock and discard flakes. can be kept for 3 days in the fridge. i did this once for a steamboat party and never tried again LOL.

however, if u only need like 100ml or 50ml, then what r u going to do with the remaining dashi?? very wasteful right? so dashi-no-moto or granules are a convenient alternative. they come in a box of 5 or 10 sachets. each sachet can make 600ml of dashi. if you need only a little, you can scoop out some, fold the sachet to close it and keep the remaining powder in the fridge. it's kinda like our chicken cubes (which means it contains some MSG). if u can read chinese, the bottom left says 粉末 which means "powdered-form" and if you can read japanese, かつおだし (katsuo dashi) is what you're looking for. meidiya, isetan and cold storage have this. yamakawa may have, i'm not sure. if i go there, i'm usually more interested in the snacks LOL NTUC not sure too.

there are also dashi bags which work like tea bags and contain pure ground kelp and bonito. i used to use this until pochacco intro me to dahi-no-moto ^^ i find this healthier (cos no MSG) but again, there's a lot of wastage because one bag makes a couple of 100ml of dashi and u can't use 1/2 a bag if you need less... so i guess, dashi-no-moto is still the winner when u need just a little. u can even share one box with a friend (5 sachets will go a long way) to cut cost.

hope this helps =)


I love okonomiyaki and will try to eat it when i'm in osaka (it's one of their specialties, with takoyaki... osaka is known to be food heaven =D) but it's not easy to find restaurants in Singapore selling nice okonomiyaki. we tried botejyu but didn't reallly like it. so when i saw this video, i was quite thrilled to try it. since "okonomi" means "what you like", you can actually add what you like =)

i didn't add the octopus, leek, pickled ginger, dried shrimp and tenkasu because chris doesn't like octopus, pickled ginger and leek and i didn't want to buy sakuraebi and tenkasu just for testing (so wasteful...skali not nice neh?). hw, i added some shiitake mushrooms (we didn't finish using the mushrooms for sukiyaki last night ma...)

i divided the portion into two to make two small pancakes rather than one big one so it will be easier to flip over (it's v v tricky to flip over a large pancake successfully). it's also because chris will be late for dinner so i will cook again for him... golly, i'm becoming like a japanese wife... they cook dinner twice, once for themselves and children, once for husband because (i heard) married japanese men don't like to eat re-heated food.

one thing to note when dealing with yama no imo (japanese yam) or huai shan in Chinese is to avoid touching it because you will itch like mad. i wonder how the aunty can scrap it with her bare hands >.< i always wear gloves when preparing huai shan.

i felt it tasted v good... hm... maybe i can add more ingredients next time. it's ok if chris doesn't like those ingredients, i'll just add in my portion lor! chris finished his in like 5 mins LOL

i used a pizza cutter cos i don't have the metal spatula for okonomiyaki (hm... maybe i should get it when in osaka muahahaha)

serve it with one of these teas =D wa! oishi!

(from left: green tea (ocha), oolong tea (uroncha), roasted rice tea(genmaicha))

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sukiyaki ^^

i tried the "cooking with dog's" sukiyaki recipe and it turned out great! ^^ i have a cast iron pot with wooden lid so we ate at our japanese table with a portable stove and the pot.

we used beef (200g), shiitake (4), japanese tang o (v expensive! $7.90 for one bunch! but v nice and much much cleaner than local ones), grilled tofu (4 pieces - meidiya sells boxes... like regular tofu except it's already grilled), cooked udon (3/4 packet), carrot (1/2, cut into florets), chinese cabbage (1/4). forgot to buy enoki mushroom. we cooked the ingredients in two servings and chris finished every morsel =)

here's the video:

Friday, 20 November 2009


i love gyoza and found these seafood gyoza at meidiya so bought some to try.

gyoza dip:

1:1 of soy sauce and rice vinegar with a few drops of chilli oil (or sesame oil if you don't want it spicy)

when cooking gyoza, heat oil in a pan then place the gyoza on the pan. let them sit for about 3-4 mins. you may peek at the bottom to see if it's brown. when it's light brown, splash 1 tbsp of water around the edges and cover to steam for about 1 min. serve with gyoza dip immediately.

i feel that the skin could be softer... could be because i went to take sesame oil for the dip and took a photo -.- see la, i sacrificed for you all...

this reminds me of the time when my cell group sold gyozas during the church food fair... it was so eventful and hilarious LOL. read about it here.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Morinaga Choc Chip Cookie

hehehe... i like this choc chip cookie because it's chocolatey enough, not too sweet and is crisp like Famous Amos, not soft soft (some people like soft choc chip cookies). One box contains 7 packs of 2 (Total 14) which is great for the office because you don't need a container. just eat one pack at a time and throw the box when you're done! ^^

available from cold storage (japanese section), yamakawa supermarket (central) and i believe meidiya... not sure if NTUC has...

think it's $4+ (can't rmb)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Marie France Bodyline

Someone needs to go to Marie France Bodyline for slim wrap liao... tsk tsk tsk... see... one is linear, one is curvilinear LOL

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

French Manicure - $12.90, 10 mins

i have always liked french manicure but my nails are always short for two reasons: they're soft and "bendable" if too long and i don't like hearing the kok klik kok klik when i play the piano... whenever i go to the salon and ask for french manicure, the girls will say, "your nails are too short!" =(

i found this product which looks promising for people like me! it's hard to find SHORT artificial nails in singapore. the ones i see are usually vampire-long which is irritating cos i'm not used to it. the last time i bought some nice stick-on nails from japan but finished using the remover and Singapore doesn't seem to sell good artificial-nail removers.

this new product i found at watson's has pre-glued SHORT nails so there is no messy sticky glue and to remove it, the instructions say just soak in warm water for a few minutes. hm... that means cannot take long warm baths ha! LOL i tried it and it looks quite nice and natural unless you look upclose in which case you can see two layers of nails LOL...

3 things to note:
1. the nails need to be handled with care i.e. don't touch the sticky side and you need to "agar" the size quite accurately because once you stick it on, you can't pull it out le haha...
2. the curvature may not fit your nails. if your nail surface is flat, then it may not be suitable. mine is not as curved but it still holds... as long as other people don't go n scrutinise, it looks just fine =)
3. i tried to ease an itch just now and it felt like it was going to come off... haha... hm... better not orpisai! hahaha.

it's supposed to last 3 days so let me try try see...

the french ones costs $12.90 with different base shades (frosty pink, pink, nude). i bought the frosty pink one. they have more fancy designs like these which cost $16.90.

there are also those with crystals which cost $22.90 (i didn't buy)... much cheaper than a session at the salon i'd say... plus it takes only 10 mins to attach. not bad not bad...

Monday, 16 November 2009

Christmas Snail Mail

I don't know about you but when it comes to Christmas greetings, i prefer good old snail mail and I try to start early. last year i made a super cute Christmas card featuring Claire in the shape of a Christmas tree decoration ball =)

this year, i bought these cute forever friends cards from Art Friend at $19.90 for 30 pieces in three designs =D cute right?

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Jill-e Leather Camera Bag Review: 4*

I finally found a LEATHER camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag from When people travel to nice countries like Japan and Europe, they'd dress nicely and a lowepro just doesn't cut it as a matching piece of accessory.

Overall, I like the bag because it looks like a handbag and the interior is quite spacious, enough for all that I want to bring on a trip.

However, I deducted one star for the following two reasons:
1. the bag they sent me is a new design which is slightly different from the one I saw on Amazon. Apparently, the picture is the old design -.- well, I find the old design nicer but the new one is nice too.
2. And on Amazon, there was a video that showed the detachable strap to be leather... the one they sent me is fabric... -.- but oh well, it's ok la.
I sent an enquiry to the supplier and she was very helpful in answering my above queries so I accepted the bag as it would cost too much to ship it back anyway. That's the risk of buying things online I guess.

Here's a video I made that will give more information about the bag =)

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Women Drivers

we went to takashimaya today and once i exited from cairnhill, i looked v focused...

chris: er dear, how come whenever we come to Orchard you don't ask for directions?
me: is it?
chris: ya, usually you be like "dear dear!!! which lane which lane? keep left or right? quick quick! keep left? now? is it NOW is it NOW?? is it go up the ramp??? go up already keep left or right? here ah here ah??? this exit is it? here is it? NOW right????
me: -.-
chris: but going to taka, you know EXACTLY which lane to be in...
me: need to be on this lane to turn into taka carpark...

but going up and down the carpark (spiral)...

chris: yak yak yak yak
me: keep quiet... i need to concentrate
chris: -_____-||| you drive so slow already still need to concentrate... *glance at rear-view mirror* i pity the guy behind you...
me: too bad... if he's in a rush... who ask him to be behind me? kk don't talk to me..
chris: *sigh* your spiralling is really bad...
me: still talk! there will serious consequences if you still talk *grasp steering wheel with two hands, v v concentrate*
chris: *zip up*

anw... today i dropped chris off to find a table for lunch first then went to level 6 to park and i kena horned at by someone POR POR POR POR POR!!!! but i thanked the guy... cos i tried to reverse-park into a slot which i THOUGHT is a parking lot but is actually not LOLLLLL

Friday, 13 November 2009


WA! the oyakodon in the following video is so super easy to cook and it costs only $3 for two (cos i only needed to buy chicken and cilantro) =D it took only about 30 min to prepare plus cook =D great one-dish meal if you're too tired to make the whole works...

i made 3 modifications. i didn't have dashi so just used water and there was no parsley plus i prefer cilantro so i bought cilantro. i used 1.5 eggs each (wa, omurice eat 2 eggs each, oyakodon also eat 2 eggs each... will have high cholesterol one neh!)

Chris finished EVERY rice grain =D

Thursday, 12 November 2009

HK Drama

yes, I am hooked, once again, to another HK drama about a family that sells mooncakes. when i watched the first episode, i cried buckets... cos it reminded me of my brother and me =(

so anw, the lure of HK drama lies in the engaging plot, good acting, abundant eye candy (hamsom guys and chiobus) and generally happy endings. there'd be episodes when you really want to stone, slap, spit at the bad guy so you keep watching cos you want to see whether justice prevails and of course, there'll be one episode where you can rejoice then you want to keep watching because you feel happy and the cycle repeats itself until the finale happy ending. then you feel empty and wait for Part II and the whole cycle repeats itself LOL

the family (usually rich), usually consists of a good guy (e.g. the long-suffering first wife), a (few) bad guy(s) (e.g. the evil and hypocritical second wife or stepmum, some money-minded relative such as an aunt or uncle who connives with the principle bad guy(s)), the invertebrate patriach whose evil wife wears the pants (so he doesn't dare to stand up for the good guy) and other irritating characters such as a grandma (or some older relative) who acts like a spoilt brat.

but who wants to watch old fogeys fight all the time right? so there's always the eye candy romance, usually a love triangle between a chiobu with two hamsom guys or one hamsom guy with two chiobus, as well as other little subplots involving the younger chiobu/hamsom stars.

plenty of sob scenes, scenes that make your blood boil and you want to tape up the bad guys mouth or personally skin her alive, scenes so heartwarming you tear etc...

The other type of HK drama I like watching are the police catch thief cum forensic science as well as doctor series. the cases are so realistic and you follow each episode because you want to find out who the murderer is or which hamsom doctor the chiobu doctor will end up with.

I <3 HK drama =D

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

*Kia See Nang Ah: Maclaren Strollers

Ah yo eh! kia see nang kia see nang!!!! this evening's news reported incidences (overseas) of babies' fingers getting caught in maclaren strollers' hinges while it's being collapsed and getting their fingers amputated!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! kia see nang!!!!!!! i thought Maclaren is a good brand neh! they even have Burberry Maclaren!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! first it's shiseido eyelash curler poke people's eyes, then it's Maclaren strollers amputate kids' fingers!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! this is horrible...

but then again, as parents, people should ensure that their kiddos don't go near the hinges ma... ah yo... so scary... imagine someone says a brand of something we use for west and claire may amputate their little paws i'd be like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! throw away IMMEDIATELY!!!!

the singapore distributor says the manufacturer will not recall the products but will provide free hinge covers for users of Maclaren strollers.

read the reports here and here.

you can read more if you google "Maclaren fingertip amputation" *shudder*

kiah see nang kia see nang!!! Heng ah *pats chest*, my nieces' strollers are not Maclauren (i think). i called my kor or SIL but they didn't pick up... sheesh...

*kiah see nang means "scared to death" in teochew.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler Recall

For vain asian girls, there's always the Shu Uemura vs Shiseido debate (like Canon vs Nikon) when it comes to eyelash curlers... Hm, the news last night reported that two consumers hurt their eye when using Shiseido's eyelash curler (apparently, a part of the metal came off. This is what was reported. I don't have the details and couldn't find any on the internet) so the company had to recall their product.

Heng Ah!! I use Shu Uemura *pats chest*

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Clueless Dad

i'm sure my kor and CY are not like that... LOL check out the kid's exasperated look... classic...

Monday, 9 November 2009

Drink Milk

HAHAHAHA... drink your milk guys... some hilarious milk ads:

i LOVE the following one... LOL power...

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Cowdung Corridor

talking about poop, I cannot tahan my neighbour >.< they grow these ugly plants that look dead and they keep trying to revive them by spreading fertiliser over the soil >.< so imagine coming home from work and having to walk through a corridor filled with pungent cowdung odour >.< now i don't even want to open my front door (I always leave it open so that there's a breeze, simple Physics)

*cough cough*

Public Toilets

Public toilets just got a new meaning...

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Poo in Food Court

wa lao... damn gross sia... CC read in STOMP that at ION food court, a family was dining when their little girl needed to take a dump so the parents whipped out a potty for her to do it right there! IN THE FOOD COURT! the stomper who put up the photo was seated right next to their table and could not stand the smell...

gross, damn gross... i find it very inconsiderate to even change diapers in a restaurant. sometimes you can't help but see some "dijon mustard" on the diapers =P

pls, singaporeans, have some social graces. read the full story here.

Friday, 6 November 2009


i followed the instructions of the video i wrote about the last time below:

it's nice neh! it;s quite easy... took less than 1.5 hours to make it, including a potato carrot onion soup and some broccoli. hm... wrapping the rice with the omelette is rather tricky. i broke the first one (which i ate haha) then for chris i tried harder and it was successful =D but i overfried the egg a little (the egg is supposed to be yellow, not supposed to have so much brown parts)

i made some modifications. couldn't find dairy cream so used full cream milk instead and i used chicken cube instead of beef cube. oh, i also forgot to add the wine (which i don't have anw but intended to throw in some sake) and the green peas (which i forgot to scald with hot water LOL. and i didn't squirt the tomato sauce cos chris doesn't like it. but still, i have not even finished washing up and chris came into the kitchen with the empty plate and a =DDD on his face ^^ he likes it and approved it for future meals.

280 g of rice is about 1 cup but i find that a little too much for both of us so i scooped out some for lunch the next day. i'd say it feeds 3 small eaters (especially if there are other dishes like veg and soup) or 2 hungry people. cc tried a spoonful in the office (rmb i kept some for lunch?) and was very impressed. she felt v v motivated to try cooking it too LOL

k, next time i must get the egg right! yes! gambatte!!!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Musk Melon =DDDDD

the piece de resistance of Chris' birthday dinner was the fruit =) since it was chris' birthday and the melons were cheaper than usual ($49 each as opposed to $60+ to $80+), i bought one for the dinner... when i cut it up, ah ma's domestic helper went WAH! it was so juicy there was a well of juice with the seeds... this fruit had to be served on an individual plate, one wedge per person (yes, so 7 plates) to do it justice...

my father-in-law slurped it up...

FIL: wa, v v sweet...
me: *ah bu then* hehe
MIL: 很甜 (v sweet) ^^

in the kitchen, my mum-in-law asked if it's the 很貴的日本(v expensive Japanese) melon and asked the price... haha... i told her the price and she was shocked... but she said it's ok since it's chris' birthday and he likes to eat, phew...

but anw, when we eat it in japan, one wedge costs about 350 JPY which is about $5 also... so $49 for one big melon is reasonable la... once a year, for chris birthday.

according to my ex-japanese teacher Kasagawa sensei, after you finish it, you can rinse the skin and rub it all over your face and your complexion will be v smooth... hm...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Nice Miso Dip

I found a nice miso paste in Meidiya =) goes very well as a dip for japanese cucumber, radish and carrot strips =) grandma seemed to like it =) you can eat it with chicken, beef etc too... quite versatile. i grilled kobe beef pieces then wrapped them in lettuce with a strip of cucumber dipped in the miso. but don't add too much. it's quite salty.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Cute Candles ^^

ok, if you're wondering why I spent 5 hours boiling soup, that's cos it was Chris' birthday and his family of 5 came over for dinner... i bought these cute candles from Art Friend for about $3.50+

I put an aluminium foil under to catch the dripping wax.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

 Time: 5 hours

kk, don't skip this post. It takes that long because you have to simmer it ma... you can still go and blog, check facebook, clean the house, shop at the neighbourhood mall, jog etc...

Ingredients (serves 4-6 or two very hungry people):
2 chickens. Ask the uncle/aunty to amputate legs, cut off ass, decapitate (sheesh, this sounds like some "silence of the lambs" plot...) skin one of the chickens.
3 ginko nuts
3 red dates
3 chestnuts
3 garlic cloves
10 pine nuts
2 ginseng (i used the dried ones from ZTP... in restaurants, they use fresh ginseng i think...)
50g glutinous rice
4-6 cups of water (depending on size of chicken... some chickens are huge)
1 stalk of spring onion (the white part)
salt to taste
chopped spring onions to garnish

make broth with the skinned chicken and 4 - 6 cups of water (depends on size of chicken, just make sure it's covered). simmer with one stalk of spring onion for 2.5 hours.

rinse the stuffing and stuff into the *ssh*le (sorry, this is the most direct way to describe that cavity la) of the other chicken (put rice in first so that the other ingredients act as a stopper). tie up drumsticks to close cavity if you want but i didn't. top with broth.

Bring to boil and simmer for at least 2.5 hours. Add salt to taste. Garnish with chopped spring onions and serve immediately. Do eat the stuffing =) love the chestnuts and ginko nuts (oh, i put in 4 ginko nuts cos i like ginko nuts!!) since there's glutinous rice, you can cook less rice lor...

I watched a Korean documentary which featured a Ginseng chicken soup restaurant. the Korean aunty who runs it cooks 100 chickens in a huge pot. So, although you order one chicken, you're essentially drinking the essence of 100 chickens. we use 2 chickens, so cannot fight k? statistically, we all know that one is not = the mean of 100 (i.e. X1 not equal to X bar) but the taste is still very nice, almost like the crystal jade one =D

can you use those packet chicken broth? well, don't try this if it's for your mother-in-law cos she'll know LOL anw, i have tried it before and the result is not nice. chris thinks i should use 100 chickens... siao -.-||| also don't be lazy and just use water, it will be very disappointing.

we finished every drop =)

couple this with korean-style spinach =)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Yakult-Drinking Chicken

Wow! I found this amazing chicken at NTUC =) it's called Sakura Chicken and is farmed in Malaysia, using Japanese farming technology which means we get Japanese quality chicken at an affordable price (imagine airflown from Japan... sheesh, it will cost an arm and a leg). The chickens supposed roam freely in controlled and air-conditioned environments and instead of using anti-biotics (which most other farms use), they're feed with lactobacillus (the ingredient in yakult la... L.casei shirota is a kind of lactobacillus, i think).

Advantages include:
Less fat
More flavour (happier chickens are tastier I read)

Anyway, I bought two and they gave me a Sakura Chicken cookbook!! =D

It's also suposedly more tender. I read that even the breast are tender... wow... nice ^^ we tried it and it's true... the breast is tender.

read more about it here.