Friday, 20 November 2009


i love gyoza and found these seafood gyoza at meidiya so bought some to try.

gyoza dip:

1:1 of soy sauce and rice vinegar with a few drops of chilli oil (or sesame oil if you don't want it spicy)

when cooking gyoza, heat oil in a pan then place the gyoza on the pan. let them sit for about 3-4 mins. you may peek at the bottom to see if it's brown. when it's light brown, splash 1 tbsp of water around the edges and cover to steam for about 1 min. serve with gyoza dip immediately.

i feel that the skin could be softer... could be because i went to take sesame oil for the dip and took a photo -.- see la, i sacrificed for you all...

this reminds me of the time when my cell group sold gyozas during the church food fair... it was so eventful and hilarious LOL. read about it here.