Tuesday, 24 November 2009

High Security

hm... our experience at rose veranda, shangrila hotel, might have been marred by the amount of trouble and difficulty it took us to get there. when my girlfriend booked the place, she overlooked the fact that it would coincide with the APEC summit -___________-||| our reservation was 1130 - 230 but we arrived at 1230. this was what happened...

it took us 45 mins to get from RGS to shang >.< why? because there were policemen and security officers EVERYWHERE. security check-points coupled with the heavy downpour reduced traffic to a crawl. i didn't even get to step on the accelerator. it was just periodic releasing of the brakes. then when we finally arrived at the hotel entrance, i was told to open the boot and get out of the car. they checked even my girlfriend's bouquet and birthday present.

that wasn't the end. after i parked the car and walked up, the staircase exit led me to OUTSIDE the building so had to walk back through the front entrance. only one entrance was functional (they have cordoned off the rest or made them exit only) and i felt like i was about to board a plane except that there was no duty-free shopping -_______-||| yes mdm, pls put your bag in the basket... and my bag moved along the conveyer belt and went through the scanner while i walked through a gantry. the machine beeped so i had to stand on a pair of footprints and stretch out my arms like a scare crow while the female officer traced my silhoutte with her device. ok, clear, can go. at the end of the "customs", pretty hotel staff greeted everyone sweetly "welcome to shangrila hotel ^^" to appease us i guess.

moral of the story: AVOID all APEC venues in future.