Thursday, 12 November 2009

HK Drama

yes, I am hooked, once again, to another HK drama about a family that sells mooncakes. when i watched the first episode, i cried buckets... cos it reminded me of my brother and me =(

so anw, the lure of HK drama lies in the engaging plot, good acting, abundant eye candy (hamsom guys and chiobus) and generally happy endings. there'd be episodes when you really want to stone, slap, spit at the bad guy so you keep watching cos you want to see whether justice prevails and of course, there'll be one episode where you can rejoice then you want to keep watching because you feel happy and the cycle repeats itself until the finale happy ending. then you feel empty and wait for Part II and the whole cycle repeats itself LOL

the family (usually rich), usually consists of a good guy (e.g. the long-suffering first wife), a (few) bad guy(s) (e.g. the evil and hypocritical second wife or stepmum, some money-minded relative such as an aunt or uncle who connives with the principle bad guy(s)), the invertebrate patriach whose evil wife wears the pants (so he doesn't dare to stand up for the good guy) and other irritating characters such as a grandma (or some older relative) who acts like a spoilt brat.

but who wants to watch old fogeys fight all the time right? so there's always the eye candy romance, usually a love triangle between a chiobu with two hamsom guys or one hamsom guy with two chiobus, as well as other little subplots involving the younger chiobu/hamsom stars.

plenty of sob scenes, scenes that make your blood boil and you want to tape up the bad guys mouth or personally skin her alive, scenes so heartwarming you tear etc...

The other type of HK drama I like watching are the police catch thief cum forensic science as well as doctor series. the cases are so realistic and you follow each episode because you want to find out who the murderer is or which hamsom doctor the chiobu doctor will end up with.

I <3 HK drama =D