Sunday, 15 November 2009

Jill-e Leather Camera Bag Review: 4*

I finally found a LEATHER camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag from When people travel to nice countries like Japan and Europe, they'd dress nicely and a lowepro just doesn't cut it as a matching piece of accessory.

Overall, I like the bag because it looks like a handbag and the interior is quite spacious, enough for all that I want to bring on a trip.

However, I deducted one star for the following two reasons:
1. the bag they sent me is a new design which is slightly different from the one I saw on Amazon. Apparently, the picture is the old design -.- well, I find the old design nicer but the new one is nice too.
2. And on Amazon, there was a video that showed the detachable strap to be leather... the one they sent me is fabric... -.- but oh well, it's ok la.
I sent an enquiry to the supplier and she was very helpful in answering my above queries so I accepted the bag as it would cost too much to ship it back anyway. That's the risk of buying things online I guess.

Here's a video I made that will give more information about the bag =)