Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Killer Crib

Golly golly golly!!!! first it was KACHAH!!!! finger chopping strollers, now it's killer cribs. Storkcraft has recalled more than 2 million cribs they produced...

"The recall follows a total of 110 reported incidents of the drop-side breaking off.
They include 15 entrapments; 12 in the U.S. and three in Canada. Four of the entrapments resulted in suffocation.
The victims were a seven and a nine-month-old from New York, a seven-month-old from Los Angeles and a six-month-old from West Virginia. It also resulted in 20 infants falling from cots with injuries ranging from concussion to bumps and bruises."

4 deaths!!! FOUR DEATHS!!! >.<||| It just upsets me that parents pay good money thinking they're buying a quality product but end up killing/injuring their own babies. tsk tsk tsk... where's the quality control??? *shudder*

i don't think anyone i know uses this because it's only available in USA and Canada. you will need to order it on-line if you want it... *phew*

read more here and here's the abc news report.

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