Monday, 30 November 2009

Lunch with Allan Wu and Wong Lilin =D

kkk, bluff you one la. we didn't lunch WITH them. we just happened to eat at the same coffeeshop, Nasi Padang at River Valley. well, i dropped chris off and went to park then when i arrived and took my seat, i saw a hamsom man walking towards me. i thought, "wa, this guys is so hot sia...! ... wait!!!! isn't he ALLAN WU???????????" his bulging muscles almost bursting his sleeves while he carried the tray of food to the table. then wong lilin sashayed towards him... golly, she is so pretty for her age and as a mother of two... so slim and sans make-up, she looked prettier than every girl in the coffeeshop. what a handsome couple... i eat also cannot concentrate.... at first they ate with their sunglasses on (indoors... celebs always like that one... they always wear sunglasses indoors. some like to wear caps or hats too... scared people recognise them... but then i think it's just worse cos people will be thinking this girl siao ha? in cinema still wear dark dark sunglasses??? wait... isn't she Zhao Wei coming to watch her own movie Mulan?? LOL) but after a while they took them off (so that they can see the food perhaps?? LOL) wondered whether they live around there... maybe... since they are WLLs (wu lui langs... k, WLL also stands for Wong Lilin LOL).

some people just have super good genes... i can imagine how good-looking their kids will grow up to be. and if people like Wong Lilin took part in Ms Singapore, we'd have a chance of winning something - she's hot, smart, classy and speaks good english, plus she is talented (she dances ballet).

my friend asked if i took a picture of the hottest mum in Singapore... please la peeps, i think people want to eat in peace. how would you like it if you're a celeb and people paparazzi you when you're digging into your sayur lodeh? leave them alone la... just periodically ogle enough le lor haha... i will probably only paparazzi people i don't like... especially if they look unglam... then put on my blog muahahahaha *evil grin*

what a delicious meal we had =D