Sunday, 22 November 2009


I love okonomiyaki and will try to eat it when i'm in osaka (it's one of their specialties, with takoyaki... osaka is known to be food heaven =D) but it's not easy to find restaurants in Singapore selling nice okonomiyaki. we tried botejyu but didn't reallly like it. so when i saw this video, i was quite thrilled to try it. since "okonomi" means "what you like", you can actually add what you like =)

i didn't add the octopus, leek, pickled ginger, dried shrimp and tenkasu because chris doesn't like octopus, pickled ginger and leek and i didn't want to buy sakuraebi and tenkasu just for testing (so wasteful...skali not nice neh?). hw, i added some shiitake mushrooms (we didn't finish using the mushrooms for sukiyaki last night ma...)

i divided the portion into two to make two small pancakes rather than one big one so it will be easier to flip over (it's v v tricky to flip over a large pancake successfully). it's also because chris will be late for dinner so i will cook again for him... golly, i'm becoming like a japanese wife... they cook dinner twice, once for themselves and children, once for husband because (i heard) married japanese men don't like to eat re-heated food.

one thing to note when dealing with yama no imo (japanese yam) or huai shan in Chinese is to avoid touching it because you will itch like mad. i wonder how the aunty can scrap it with her bare hands >.< i always wear gloves when preparing huai shan.

i felt it tasted v good... hm... maybe i can add more ingredients next time. it's ok if chris doesn't like those ingredients, i'll just add in my portion lor! chris finished his in like 5 mins LOL

i used a pizza cutter cos i don't have the metal spatula for okonomiyaki (hm... maybe i should get it when in osaka muahahaha)

serve it with one of these teas =D wa! oishi!

(from left: green tea (ocha), oolong tea (uroncha), roasted rice tea(genmaicha))