Friday, 6 November 2009


i followed the instructions of the video i wrote about the last time below:

it's nice neh! it;s quite easy... took less than 1.5 hours to make it, including a potato carrot onion soup and some broccoli. hm... wrapping the rice with the omelette is rather tricky. i broke the first one (which i ate haha) then for chris i tried harder and it was successful =D but i overfried the egg a little (the egg is supposed to be yellow, not supposed to have so much brown parts)

i made some modifications. couldn't find dairy cream so used full cream milk instead and i used chicken cube instead of beef cube. oh, i also forgot to add the wine (which i don't have anw but intended to throw in some sake) and the green peas (which i forgot to scald with hot water LOL. and i didn't squirt the tomato sauce cos chris doesn't like it. but still, i have not even finished washing up and chris came into the kitchen with the empty plate and a =DDD on his face ^^ he likes it and approved it for future meals.

280 g of rice is about 1 cup but i find that a little too much for both of us so i scooped out some for lunch the next day. i'd say it feeds 3 small eaters (especially if there are other dishes like veg and soup) or 2 hungry people. cc tried a spoonful in the office (rmb i kept some for lunch?) and was very impressed. she felt v v motivated to try cooking it too LOL

k, next time i must get the egg right! yes! gambatte!!!!