Saturday, 28 November 2009

Restaurant Review: Kazu Sumiyaki (4.5*)

This obscure restaurant nestled amongst other Japanese restaurants and Japanese karaoke bars on level 4 of cuppage plaza delivered a pleasant surprise in terms of the great variety of good quality skewered delicacies. Strongly recommended by pamela, Chris and I decided to give it a try for our 7th Wedding Anniversary instead of our usual Torisho Taka at Gallery Hotel.

We had:
Grilled whole yellow fish (1)
Wagyu (2)
Chicken Wings (1)
Pork Jaw with Apple (2)
Pork with Asparagus (1)
Pork with Enoki (1)
Kurobuta with Miso (1)
Prawn and Scallop with bacon (1)
Ginko Nuts (1)
Shiitake (1)
Onion (1)
Garlic Fried Rice (1 - we shared)
Clam miso soup and seaweed miso soup (1 each)
yuzu sherbet (1)
black sesame ice cream (1)
musk melon (1 - we shared)

all the items we ordered were very nicely done and served very promptly. the only one i felt was over-done was the ginko nuts. it was bitter. but all in all, we enjoyed the food and what i liked v much were the pork jaw with apple, onion and chicken wings. the onion was so sweet and juicy =) the clam soup is nice too. i am not a fan of clam because "unfresh" clams are powdery and have a fishy smell but the clams were plump, juicy and fresh =)

dessert was very very good. i loved the yuzu sherbet and on the way back home i was still savouring the taste =D ok, some people may find it too sour but i find it very refreshing... love the taste of yuzu =D the cherry sauce topping made it even more tasty =D chris scraped his black sesame ice cream with azuki beans CLEAN... short of licking the bowl hahaha... musk melon cost $10 per slice and i have tasted sweeter ones (in japan... hahaha, at half the price)

total bill was $160 which i find reasonable. it would have been about $100 if we didn't order the yellow fish (chris likes it) which cost $50.

compared to Nambantei, this place has more variety in terms of exotic stuff. but if you like the chi chi atmosphere of torisho taka, you'd find this place a bit "not high class". but heck la, then you can don't care about ettiquette, go there in berms and feast ma LOL i'd say it's a place to bring your long-time girlfriend or wife but if you want to impress your clients or celebrate your first christmas or whateva with your girlfriend, torisho taka has much much nicer ambience la.

hahaha... on our way down, we saw a girl open the door of a karaoke, performed some funny ritual of bending down to touch her toes then turned around and repeated the act (hence showing off her behind) then she disappeared behind the frosted glass door and joined by another girl, both pressed their bodies against the frosted glass so from outside you could see their sexy silhouttes... chris n i were like

me: >.> er dear, did you see what i just saw??
chris: <.< hahaha... what on earth are they doing???

so funny...

Kazu Sumiyaki, Cuppage Centre 04-05, 67342492 (Reservations recommended)