Thursday, 26 November 2009

Vacuum Cleaner Dog

Scruffy has a new nicname - vacuum cleaner. cos he eats EVERYTHING that is on the floor. if you drop your food, you can forget about salvaging it. scruffy comes and zhioppp! it's gone LOL scruffy always sits under the dining table while we're having dinner, occasionally sticking his greedy face from under our arm pits or between our legs to see if anyone would give him food. no one does except patrick, chris' bro, who will sneak him some fish or rice -.- or chris' dad who has a tupperware of apple pieces ready for him.

on sunday we had banana leaf apollo (home delivery) fish head curry with pappadums and lynn accidentally dropped a piece of the cracker on the floor...

me: ah lynn! you dropped the pappadum!!
lynn: ah!
before her hand reached the floor, scruffy scooped it up into his mouth and the next thing we heard was kkkrrrrr... kkkrrrr... krrr...

chris' dad says when he brings scruffy down for walks (which is twice a day -.- retired people are v free), he has to make sure the path they take have no rubbish cos scruffy is like a vacuum cleaner who "sucks" up anything along the way.... chicken bones (he once had to wrestle with scruffy to dislodge a chicken bone from his tight jaws), tissue paper -.- and even... BIRD SH*T =PPP so you see this old man walking his dog but occasionally tugging and pulling the dog left right left right it's so comical hahaha...

i have never seen a greedier and stupider dog LOL but he is very skilful at the shrek kitty eyes tactic. awww... u just can't eat your fruit with those eyes staring at you. anyone would give up his/her grape/apple/water melon etc... LOL