Sunday, 1 November 2009

Yakult-Drinking Chicken

Wow! I found this amazing chicken at NTUC =) it's called Sakura Chicken and is farmed in Malaysia, using Japanese farming technology which means we get Japanese quality chicken at an affordable price (imagine airflown from Japan... sheesh, it will cost an arm and a leg). The chickens supposed roam freely in controlled and air-conditioned environments and instead of using anti-biotics (which most other farms use), they're feed with lactobacillus (the ingredient in yakult la... L.casei shirota is a kind of lactobacillus, i think).

Advantages include:
Less fat
More flavour (happier chickens are tastier I read)

Anyway, I bought two and they gave me a Sakura Chicken cookbook!! =D

It's also suposedly more tender. I read that even the breast are tender... wow... nice ^^ we tried it and it's true... the breast is tender.

read more about it here.