Saturday, 19 December 2009

12 Days of Christmas... Indian Style

haHAHA... This is funny... someone put this up on facebook. my kor should show this to his indian friend... hahaha

1st day: a totally insufficient dowry
2nd day: 2 nosy in-laws
3rd day: 3 butter chickens
4th day: 4 hari-krishnas (is that indian?)
5th day: 5 indian games (5 minutes of fame!!)
6th day: 6 IT graduates
7th day: 7-eleven workers
8th day: 8 bollywood films
9th day: 9 tele-marketeers
10th day: 10 minute yoga (thiiiink the lotus, feeeeel the lotus - DRIIIIIIVVVVVVE the lotus ......)
11th day: 11 syllable name(Pisaravanmuthudoubledeckerbus)
12th day: 12 cricketball tamperers (whatever that is)