Sunday, 27 December 2009


For those who use fancl, you'll know that it's cheap cheap in Japan. The collagen powder for example is like half price. In Singapore, 3 packets (of 10 satchets each i.e. 30 satchets) is SDG$108.50 but in Japan, 9 packets (of 10 satchets each i.e. 90 satchets) is JPY8500 (approx. SDG$140).

So i bought 27 packets of collagen powder cos chris' colleague ordered 20 packets (i.e. 200 satchets) for his wife (It would have cost SGD$730 in Singapore but now it's only SDG$300+). Kor ordered 3 packets, i'll eat the rest (4 packets). his another colleague ordered one bottle of sunblock, priscilla ordered 3 bottles of mild cleansing oil and the rest are mine.

now need to pack them in LOL chris looked at the packets and