Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Houraiken: Hitsumabushi

One of the food you HAVE TO eat in Nagoya is hitsumabushi. it's basically unagi rice but very very very nice unagi rice LOL... after researching on the internet, i found a popular joint: Houraiken. We went to the Matsuzakaya one which is nearest our hotel.

There are four ways to eat hitsumabushi. First, divide the bowl into 4 quarters.

1st Quarter

Eat it on its own to savour its natural flavour

2nd Quarter

Add the seaweed, spring onions and wasabi and enjoy the nw flavours and dimensions

3rd Quarter

Do as 2nd Quarter but add the dashi stock so it becomes like ochazuke... it's lighter than the 2nd quarter. the warm stock washed down the oiliness very well

4th Quarter
Re-visit your favourite way of eating. Chris choose the first... i was torn between 2nd and third. i like the full bodied taste of the 2nd but the comfort feeling of the third... so i cheated and ate half half i.e. i ate 2 first then added the stock to make 3 =DDD


Access to this outlet:
Take higashiyama (yellow) line from Nagoya station to Sakae (2 stops) change to Meijyo (light blue) line to Yaba-cho (1 stop). The building is right in front of the exit. Level 10, South Tower. English menu avilable.

Price: JPY27,800 per set (approx SDG$40)

Closed on Mondays