Thursday, 10 December 2009

風雲 II (Storm Riders II/Storm Warriors)

ROAAAAARRRR!!!!!! FWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! WA! this sequel opens today!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! waited TEN years!!!!!

got one SEE GIN NAH don't know sky high earth thick 不知天高地厚 commented on youtube

"crappy matrix knock off.
and if it's from HK then it prolly has no storyline and just random CG."

then he kena scolded

"How old are you kid? Matrix 1999, STORM RIDERS 1998. Make a research before commenting, Storm Riders (Storm Warriors for 2nd movie) has almost 40 yo, the comics started about 70's - 80's. No storyline? How many HK movies have you seen? Go home and watch your little cartoons!!!!!"

LOL well said... nowsaday some SGNs think they're v smart aleck... kiam pah only hahaha... when part 1 came out he was probably still watching teletubbies... -.-

i like HK movies. and i rmb my taiwanese friend who grew up in USA was so fascinated when he watched this in singapore that he bought the (original) DVD and watched it at home on his boom boom loud system (that cost more than our car) LOL i love this show cos the casting is so great! especially xiong ba and wen chou chou! and of cos, aaron kwok and ekin cheng were so cool!!! woohoo!

yeah... it's been more than 10 years!!! woot! n aaron kwok and ekin cheng still look sizzling hot! psssss!

let's recap part 1... check out this really cool shot of aaron kwok at 1:37

and this one's REALLY cool too at 9:01

there was a scene in Storm Riders that i liked a lot and i liked that song very much too... start from 5:58 =)

haha... chris tried to re-enact this scene when he proposed to me. he brought me to Great Ocean Road, Melbourne and in a glow-worm forest, under the glittery glow-worm lights he popped the question =D lomantik hor? although he didn't levitate and fly me to the centre of the forest LOL

can't wait can't wait!!! FWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *push out palms* kpisshhh!!!! kpisshhhh!!!!!

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