Sunday, 20 December 2009

Kani-ya in Kyoto

Hehehe... when we come to Kyoto, we'd definitely eat at this restaurant. It's a branch of Sapporo Kani-ya (kaniya means "crab house") which specialises in Hokkaido king crab cuisines.

To get there, take bus any bus (i think 100, 202, 206 or 207) from Kyoto station bus terminal towards kiyomizudera. Alight one stop before Gion (if you hit Gion, you've overshot so you need to gostan back...) and walk in the direction of the bus you will see the shop.

they have picture menus =) and if you go for lunch, they have much cheaper lunch courses (dinner courses star at min. JPY5000 which is approx SDG$75-80 before tax)

We each ordered a set and here's what we had:

top left (Clockwise): sashimi, cold crab, crab tofu. i like all 3 =D

kani kaminabe (crab paper hopot) comfort food... v nice in cold weather =D chris loved this too

crab gratin (chris had this, i didn't)

deep fried crab shaomai. not bad...

crab tempura!!! my favourite =DDD

tarabagani maki... eh this one is REAL minced king crab meat hor... not the fake surimi crabsticks used in singapore...

finished off with vanilla ice cream =D

for lunh, we paid JPY7895 (about SDG120) but we had a JPY2000 JTB voucher so it was JPY5895 (about SGD90)... v reasonable price.