Monday, 21 December 2009

Japan 2009: Day 2 (Ryokan Review: Ryotei Koyo at Biwako, Kyoto) 5*

only 10 mins from kyoto, this luxury ryokan situated right in front of Lake Biwa boasts of a panoramic view of the lake.

The grand entrance. the exterior and interior are both very authentically Japanese and very exquisite.

our tatami room

lake view from our room ^^ very very nice!

after we came back from dinner, our futons have been laid out ^^

area outside hotspring public bath... the public bath has outdoor hot springs and the guy's one has a great view of the lake... however, due to privacy issues we're not able to photos =( you can check out the website here.

From our room, we were supposed to be able to see sunrise =D so i set the alarm on my phone at 615am... but... i forgot i had set my phone to silent mode -______-||| but thank God i felt the first rays of dawn and woke up in time ^^ *pats chest* heng ah! so i got dressed and went out with my camera and tripod and only managed this...

because it was FREAKING cold brrrrrr... so i skipped back into the ryokan =PP and shot the rest from inside the room through the window...

here's the same shot with gold filter...

the next morning we went down for a stroll after checking out =)

access: take a train from kyoto station to otsukyo (very near, about 10 mins) and wait for free shuttle. i emailed them to let them know i was arriving... otherwise, it's a 7 min taxi ride (which shouldn't cost an arm or a leg la...) or if you feel like having a workout, you can probably walk... it's quite near... can be seen from the station =)

room rate: JPY63600 per night (approx. SGD$1000) inclusive of kaiseki ryori dinner and breakfast (which i will blog about next =D). Kyoto accomodation is one of the most expensive in Japan la...

check-in: 3pm
check-out: 11am