Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Japan 2009: Day 3 (Noritake no mori, Nagoya)

Noritake no mori means "Noritake Garden". It's the Noritake "shrine" hahaha for fine bone china lovers =DDDDD it was a pleasant surprise that it's only 10 min walk from our hotel (Nagoya Sunroute Plaza) =DDDD

i found the matching plates for my blue sorretino teaset =DDDDD so i'm a very very happy girl =DDD and of course you have to have a cup of tea at noritake garden =DD

compared to the tiny corner in singapore's takashimaya, this compound has a shop the size of half a level of takashimaya... can go crazy here if you like fine bone china LOL

Access: Take higashyama line from Nagoya station, stop at kamejima station (1 stop) and walk for 5 mins.