Sunday, 27 December 2009

Japan 2009: Day 8 (Gero onsen 下呂温泉)

On the way back to Nagoya from Takayama, we stopped by Gero onsen 下呂温泉 for a soak in a public hot spring bath. Gero onsen is one of the TOP THREE FAMOUS hot springs in Japan wor! Woot! The other two are Arima and Kusatsu. We have been to Arima. Woot! 2 down, 1 to go!! oooh! ah.. ah eh bah! ooh! ah... ah eh bah!

There were only two other obasans so after they left, i whipped out my camera and fired away until someone else came. this time my camera didn't fog up cos we went to an outdoor hot spring.

If you don't have a chance to stay at a ryokan with a hot spring, here's a cheaper alternative =) a day use hot spring. The one we went to is an 8 min walk from Gero station. Here's how it works.

You buy an entrance ticket at the vending machine. If you can read Chinese, this shouldn't b difficult. However, if you need towels, you'll need to be ale to read katakana. anyway, small towels are the right most button. For bath towels, click the second right most. We bought two entrance tickets and two small towels (we kept them as souvenirs... hehehe... eh, Japan's top 2 hot spring neh... don't play play). When we went to the Shirakawa-go hot spring, we brought along our towels from the room =)

In the bathroom are lockers where you can lock your belongings for JPY100.

If it's just clothes, i don't bother... no one steals clothes one la... you can put in one of these baskets. of course i locked my camera LOL

Here's the certification that it's a Japan hot spring...

Please shower yourselves clean clean before soaking in the hot spring bath. the Japanese have this fetish about looking at themselves in the mirror when showering one... hahaha... and oh, please don't stand up hor... your dirty water will splash onto other people. please sit down... no towels IN the hot spring ok? towels wrapping hair or on the head are fine.

here's the basins. this public bath is very ngiao one. usually at public baths, they'd provide hair brush, toner, lotion etc. this public bath has nothing, not eve tissue paper and got to pay for hairdryer some more JPY100 for 5 mins.

Of course, before leaving, i bought a packet of hot spring powder =DD

Access: Take Hida Wide View from Nagoya, Takayama or Toyama to Gero station and ask the information counter for locations of public baths.