Monday, 21 December 2009

Kaiseki Ryori in Ryotei Koyo, Biwako, Kyoto

Kaiseki Ryori is a very expensive Japanese banquet consisting of many courses of exquisite delicacies. here's our private lake-view dinner room (evening eun set le can't see anything la... but if you come in other seasons, you can still enjoy the beautiful lake view during dinner ^^)

shown above is our dinner menu (14 course). the first course is aperitif (they served a kind of sake which was very sweet an very very nice i drank two cups =DDD)

the daikon with miso is very very nice =D the other two weird stuff are donno what la...

crabmeat, tofu and daikon soup. clear, light, sweet... nice =D

*paiseh this photo is out of focus cos i was too excited* sashimi!!!! ebi (prawn), tai (can't remember what fish), otoro (tuna belly =D) and UNI (sea urchin)!! wa, the otoro melted in my mouth and the uni was so sweet and fresh =DDD chris didn't want his uni so i happily slurped up his as well =DDDDD

chris COOKED his sashimi... -_______________-|||

braised duck. chris liked this a lot.

teppanyaki wagyu

abalone and seaweed rice... nice! ^^

deep fried fugu (puffer fish) =D yums! but i prefer my puffer fish sashimi-ed

ok... this one made my heart stop for a minute. the chawanmushi was very nice at the beginning... the ginko nut was great... but then i scooped out what looked like fish sperm or brain or something and i >.< diao... hahaha... kaiseki ryori is full of surprises!

this is another weird one. it says sushi but it's really weird. i can't figure out what's wrapping the fish... anw, this is the only one i didn't finish...

i wiped clean the dessert which is some pudding =D

the next morning, we had breakfast in the same room so there was lake view but it was too bright (and we were too hungry) to take any pictures... =D