Wednesday, 16 December 2009


i was at taka yesterday and happened to pass by burberry kids... and they were having a sale >.< so... i couldn't resist... bought two tops for my nieces =D

cute hor? they'd look great with jeans =D i also saw cute dresses, shoes and jackets (like sherlock holmes kind... burberry trenchcoat material! so matching with gugu's trenchcoat!!!!) but haiz... the problem with having TWIN nieces is that everything must buy two. the shoes sooooooooooo cute siah... but but but if buy two v siongs even with discount... hahaha

sorry kor, i unwrapped it to take picture =P

hehehe... go japan sure got cute things to buy for my nieces =DDDD check out these kimonos i got from kyoto the last time =) (photo stolen from my sister-in-law's FB hehehe) gwyn wearing the white and black one, kir in pink... that time my kor told me should be one boy one girl so i bought one male one female colour lor and then pok come out two girls LOL