Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Memorable Weddings =)

i have attended so many weddings but... there are some i just cannot forget... haha...

1. My Own... of cos la! hahaha

2. Grace's kuazhang fairy-tale wedding.

it was, in our circle, extraordinary. at the church wedding, grace totally looked like maggie cheung in a cinderella gown. her wedding gown was cinderella-inspired (she designed it and her aunt sewed it). people got page boy and flower girl, grace had peter pan and tinkerbell.... yes, she got a boy to dress up as peter pan (think green leotard... ) and prance down the aisle and a cute girl in a pixie costume. grace... pattern more than badminton.

the wedding banquet was held at shangrila-sentosa beach, open-air. well, we (her friends) were supposed to go for IRISH DANCE (don't ask me why) lesson before that (but i didn't go la, can't rmb why... not free i think)...

the dress code was suits for guys (the guys were like, "=PPP singapore is so hot!!! how to wear a suit outdoors???!" but i think they kinda obliged and were sweating like mad LOL) so, we all stood on the beach waiting for grace and roger to arrive on a horse-drawn carriage. as they walked towards the banquet... we were to blow bubbles (with bubble water specially imported from america because singaporean bubble water came in "not pretty" containers... -.-). shawn brought his bubble FAN.... yeah, while the rest of us were huffing and puffing away, he just stood there with his bubble fan smiling and produced the most bubbles. LOL

after the dinner, grace threw her bouquet (guess who caught it... ) and roger threw a plastic ball n chain... quite funny hahaha... then everyone started dancing. we tried to follow the steps but it got kinda difficult (n we got tired) after a while...

i believe grace ACTUALLY enjoyed her wedding... =D

sometimes i'd joke with chris... "dear, what if grace's kid and our kid got married?? it'd be the wedding of the century!!! imagine the pattern the two mothers would chute together =DDD" chris could only -_______-||| and thank God we have no kids LOL

3. Lisa's wedding.
who could forget the flowers man... LOADS of them hahaha.

4. of cos, my kor's wedding... with a bang LOL