Friday, 25 December 2009

Minshuku Review: Minshuku Sosuke (2*)

This minshuku (family-run accomodations) is not near the station at all and away from the activities although it’s possible to walk there from the station. I had emailed them to request for free shuttle but when we arrived at the station, there was no one so we walked there haha... at the two expensive ryokans, once we stepped out of the station, they addressed us by name even though they’ve never met us and at oishiya, I gave the lady who served us a tip and she stood outside to wave us goodbye when we left LOL … once again reinforces my theory of “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys” LOL

Minshuku Sosuke has a traditional Japanese fire place and the rooms are tiny (think it was like 4m by 3m).

The lady speaks and understands English. There were an ang mo couple and a Singaporean family too (how did we know they’re Singaporeans? Once they open their mouths to talk, we know lor LOL). The lady commented that I speak very good Japanese LOL where got? Pian jiak pian jiak only la… hahaha
In most Minshukus, You’re expected to carry your own luggage, lay out your own futons etc. and it doesn’t have ensuite rooms.

Our room faces a Japanese cemetery which I find quite cool LOL

The heater is quite old so doesn’t work very well and we spent most of our time hidden under the blanket LOL chris kept grumbling about why we’re staying at such a lok pok place but for me, it’s an experience. We’ve stayed in Japanese hotels, business hotels and luxurious (and exorbitant) ryokans so I wanted to try a Minshuku. I think the gassho zukkuri (farmhouse stay) will be worse LOL but well, it’s an experience ^^ stay once experience it already next time stay at hotel or ryokan lor. I don’t think I’ll stay in a minshuku again unless I’m on a tight budget hahaha

Here’s the dinner. Nothing fancy la, ordinary domestic fare but still delicious ^^ It was 9 course consisting of sashimi, grilled beef with vegetables, agedashi tofu, baked salmon and chicken with cheese, udon soup, miso soup, 2 pickles and rice.

This is breakfast.

JPY15700 per night (about SDG$240… about the same price as our hotel in Nagoya except this includes dinner for two as well)

Take Hida Wide View from Nagoya to Takayama (slightly more than 2 hours) and walk from the station for about 8 mins. Bring the Japanese address and ask the tour information booth for directions. This Minshuku is quite well-known. You have to cross the railway track.

Maybe can try these accomodations next time.
This is opposite Minshuku Sosuke and has a hot spring bath.

This is a ryokan near the station.

This ryokan is in a very convenient location, very near the government house and all the hustle and bustle.

Here are two more we saw at the train station that looked good.