Thursday, 3 December 2009

Movie Review: UP (5*)

I finally (yes, finally) had the chance to watch UP =DDDD and boy did i enjoy it =D the animation is great, the landscape is breath-taking, the story of Ellie and Carl is so sweet, Carl aka the UP ah peh looks so cute, the boy also v cute and dug the dog is so stupidly cute too =DD i found the front part about carl and his wife most touching and unexpected... when i watched the trailer, i don't think ellie was mentioned so it's really meaningful to find out why carl went on this trip... because he "crossed his heart" to ellie... aaawww... so sweet =)

in the bonus feature (i bought the DVD) was a segment on how the production team actually travelled to and hiked up the tepui to explore the place so that they could portray it in all it's entirety... so cool... that place is so deserted that it's estimated that less than 100 people have set foot on it and paradise falls and actually angel falls, the tallest waterfall in the world in venezuela. it's so tall that when the water gushes down, it evaporates into a mist... super duper cool...

i <3 UP! and i love the UP ah peh!!! so cute!!!

and... i am looking forward to Toy Story 3 in 2010 (revealed under sneak preview)! to infinity and beyond!!! i <3 toy story!!! i remember i cried when i heard sarah mclachlan's "when someboby loves me" i promised to keep melody forever =)

Toy Story 3 trailer