Thursday, 31 December 2009

Nagoya Specialties

The specialties in Nagoya include Hitsumabushi which I blogged about here,

kishimen. it looks like our ban mian but lighter in colour. kinda like udon but flat. soup stock is similar to shoyu soup for ramen. taste ok only.

tenmusu. onigiri with tempura inside. sounds interesting but tastes ok only

miso katsu and cochin chicken which i blogged about here.

miso udon. we found the udon in nagoya tougher than usual... like cooked less than al dente >.< chris found the gravy very appetising and ordered a bowl of rice to mix and eat but i found it a tad too salty. not bad la...

oh, it's very cute though... they gave everyone a bib cos when you eat this, it may splash hehehe...

and you're supposed to use the pot cover as a bowl to eat it. reminds me of the korean "boys over flowers" show where Jun Biao ate instant noodles with the pot cover! ^^

my verdict is if you have time to only try ONE dish, go for the Hitsumabushi... it's delightful. the rest, nothing special, other than the miso katsu which is also very nice.