Thursday, 24 December 2009

Ryokan Review: Oishiya at Futaminoura (4*)

This ryokan is right in front of Ise Bay and we got an ocean-view room =D very nice. There is a tree 松樹 (can’t remember what it’s called in English) in front of us but the view is still very nice. Service is attentive and personal. There is one lady serving us and all our meals are served in the room =) The staff understand and can speak simple English unlike Ryotei Koyo where no one spoke English to us. It was off-peak season so there was only one other patron.

They have private baths (they spelt wrongly LOL) which you can use at no extra charge so you can bathe with your spouse (or if you’re shy, you can bathe alone -.-).

I usually like to try all baths in a ryokan so in the evening, we went to the public bath (which turned out to be private because I was the only one there LOL) and in the morning we went to the private bath. The ladies’ public bath had an open-air round hinoki bath tub with ocean view. Nice =) this time I brought my camera and was thrilled that I was alone =DDD but… guess what? My lens fogged up… -______________-||| so no pictures again… diao…

Here’s what we had for dinner… Ise’s specialties include lobster, oyster, abalone, matsusaka gyu and ise udon. Lobster and oysters were served.

The aperiftif is very very delicious!!!! It’s Yuzu liquer =DDD wa! I drank two cups =DDDD


Assorted donno what…

Lobster and Akoya (Pearl Oyster) hotpot.

There was a clam salad which I forgot to take a picture of… it was very very delicious. I finished every morsel (it was served in a martini glass).

Oyster gratin. Although I’m not a fan of gratin (anything baked and cheesy reminds me of European food so I don’t really like =P except pizza), I dug out the oysters to eat because I feel bad if I don’t eat what the chef has made. In Japanese cuisine, chefs really put their hearts into preparing a dish. I’m glad I did because the oysters were so fresh and succulent =D I don’t normally like oysters or go crazy over them but those were very delicious and plump oysters with no funny fishy smell at all.

Deep fried puffer fish. We found the ones at Ryotei Koyo more crisp but the flesh here tastier.

Clear soup with vegetables and seafood cake. I love these clear soups. So simple and light yet so comforting and soothing… unlike those creamy european soups =P

Dessert is apple jelly with strawberries and cream. Strawberries were very very sweet =D

Breakfast is usually served all at once

Price: JPY32000 per night (approx. SDG$500). It’s like half of Ryotei Koyo’s price because firstly, kyoto’s accomodation is one of the priciest in Japan, secondly, Ryotei Koyo’s public bath uses HOT SPRING water from Biwako Onsen whereas Oishiya’s public bath only has hot water. There’s a difference k. Hot spring water contains minerals that can cure this cure that one… haha… and Ryotei Koyo is a really luxurious and large establishment whereas Oishiya is quite a small ryokan. While the public bath at Ryotei Koyo has like 60-80 lockers, Oishiya’s only has 10. You get the drift.

Take JR Rapid Mie from Nagoya to Iseshi station then transfer to Futaminoura station if you would like to stop by at Iseshi to visit Ise Jingu. Alternatively, take directly from Nagoya to Futaminoura (about 1 hr 40 mins). Free shuttle from ryokan provided but you need to arrange for it. I sent them an email.