Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Shopping in Japan

Singaporeans who go to Japan always hit burberry blue label and fancl... yes, they're cheap but there are other shopping experiences i fancy too =)

Besides Kyoto's kiyomizuzaka where they sell the famed (and very very expensive) kiyomizu pottery, my favorite shopping street is in doguyasuji, Osaka. the things here are much more affordable... mainly household brand prices although they do have high end suff... there's a range. I can spend one whole day there. i get as much kick from a teacup as from a pair of ferragamos... hahaha...

At the entrance of the street is this banner.

The shops here sell everything you can find in a Japanese restaurant. There are shops selling pottery ware, knives (very very cool… I was tempted to buy one but my Henkel’s is fine so I didn’t want to waste money), lacquerware, pots, pans whateva la. Whatever you can find in a Japanese restaurant, you can definitely find here. It’s a chef’s heaven =D

I usually frequent this shop near the beginning of the street. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in the shop...

the uncle is very nice one. he understands a little english cos got ang mos go there and buy too... i told him i'm taking airplane back so he wrapped everything properly for me. i checked them in under fragile (cos i had to hand-carry my precious noritake fine bone china...) and they came out unscathed ^^

K, I bought:
6 chawanmushi bowls (i had wanted pink but they were sold out left only one =( so i got the other colour green... very reasonably priced JPY430 which is about SGD$7 each. it's the cheapest. the rest all cost more than $10 each...)

12 soup spoons with spoon rests

2 oyakodon pans (I bought one for priscilla!! =D lately she's been learning how to cook and she liked the cooking with dog oyakodon)

and from top right clockwise:

1 sieve ladle (good for scooping out froth from meat when cooking soups)
2 lemon juice extractors (nice... torisho taka uses these)
10 crab digging instruments
2 crab scissors
10 chawanmushi spoons (bopian... i bought 6 bowls, the spoons come in 5s LOL can be used for other purposes too la)
1 pizza cutter (i just thought the wooden handle looks way too cool compared to the plastic ones...)
1 okonomiyaki "spade" (neh, the thing u use to cut it up and serve)

well, i try to buy stuff i can't find in takashimaya or meidiya of course, otherwise lug back meh? but some of the stuff... maybe you can find in singapore but i saw it and it's good quality so just get la. anyway, there's so much more variety here.

now you know why i packed chris' luggage bag half full and why my house has so many of these "contraptions" LOL

Take subway to Namba and it’s near Bic Camera. If not sure, ask tourist info.