Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tatsuya (Again)

hehehe... i wrote about Tatsuya here

They have moved to Goodwood Park Hotel for quite some time now and we (my goodest bestest friend jiahui and me) decided to have lunch there before catching a musical.

I droved straight into the carpark in front of the restaurant and used the hotel valet parking cos i couldn't find any parking lot at the hotel carpark (we figured next time we will just use the valet parking, so fang bian LOL upon entering the hotel, turn left instead of entering car park and you'll see tatsuya)

we ordered the sashimi unajyu bento set which we feel is such good value for money. sashimi fresh from tsukiji and fukuoka fish market in japan, unadon (the unagi is very nice!), tempura, chawanmushi, miso soup and fruit for $30.80. the chawanmushi although plain (no chicken, ginko buts, mushrooms etc.) had a tinge of yuzu which is very nice.

the lunch sets are much cheaper than their dinner menu so if you want good, fresh, delicious japanese food, do try the lunch sets =) make reservations @ 68874598 (recommended). if you like to watch sushi chefs slicing sushi, ask for counter seats.

it seems "famous" people like this place... the table beside were talking about Lee Hsien Long being spotted there... of cos, celebs like the place too... i also know my big boss (who is quite high class) quite likes this place *oooooh*

oh, the valet guy cheated my money... it's $7 for first 2 hours (i am sure we ate for less than 2 hours) but when i handed him $10, he acted blur and didn't give me change. i think he thinks he can keep the rest as tips -.- anyway, i didn't ask him for $3 change la... so paiseh... come high class place ask for $3 change. hot sun people stand there open car door for you... chin chai la. so, do give EXACT amount hor LOL