Sunday, 6 December 2009

Top 4 Jobs I Should Avoid

Chris thinks there are 4 jobs I should avoid... some for my safety and for the safety of others LOL

1. Financial Advisor

The kind of advise i'd give to people will be...

BMW vs toyota? of cos get the BMW la! OR
finance people always say "don't put all your eggs in one basket" right? i'd say "don't put your feet in only ONE PAIR of shoes! need many many pairs!" =D OR
"darling, you NEED that prada bag... not WANT."

2. anything to do with IT

i'm the kind of person who complains to chris, "YOUR COMPUTER IS NOT WORKING!!!" and chris will say, "how come when i use it it's ok but when you use it it's not??"

3. Hotel Housekeeping Department, BED MAKING

yes, this may come as a surprise... although i can do ALL housework, i am quite hopeless at making our bed, simply because i don't have the strength to lift up even the corner of our one-tonne (at least that's how heavy i feel i weighs) mattress to tuck the corners in. when i change bedsheets, i'd just anyhow-ly pull the elastic band down the sides and leave the corners crumpled instead of tuck them under to create a taut surface. chris would shake his head and sigh then he'd HAIYAH! hoist up the mattress and pull the bedsheet so taut that you can flick a coin on the surface and it bounces... coolz... and he can change the duvet cover in two strokes. HEE HAH! DONE! O.O wa!


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