Sunday, 31 January 2010

Pure Juice vs Juice DRINK

ok peeps, pls get this right. all those PEEL FRESH drinks are NOT fresh juices. in fact, any carton/bottle with the words "JUICE DRINK" contain loads of sugar, even if they print "no ADDED sugar". it just means it already contains loads of sugar so they didn't have to ADD more. check the ingredients list... words to look out for are sucrose/fructose etc... these are just sophisticated names for SUGAR. "from concentrate" is also not good enough because you do not know what's inside the concentrate.

so only go for "pasteurised freshly squeezed orange juice" or "100% apple juice".

actually hor, buy from fruit juice stall better... and make sure they don't add sugar. better still, just eat the fruit la cos when you consume juices, you actually take in more sugar then if you eat the fruit. this is because we will usually feel full after one apple but to make a cup, you need about 2.5 apples... you do the math. plus, you loose out on the fibre...

so, pls don't gong gong-ly buy peel fresh thinking it's fresh hor. It's FAR FROM FRESH.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Movie Review: Hachiko (5*)

Warning: Bring Tissue

OK, i'm biased cos i find the dog super cute... Golly, i teared when I watched the trailer... i like the Japanese trailer because the theme song is nice. wonder if i can buy from i-tunes... 忘れないよ wasurenaiyo means "Don't forget" and the Japanese title 約束の犬 yakusoku no inu means "A committed dog". 約束 yakusoku means commitment or promise.

it was heart-wrenching watching the movie man... with the dog going back to the station EVERY evening at 5pm for NINE YEARS to wait for his deceased master. i cried so much that my sinuses are inflamed, i have sore throat and migraine >.<

Dog/animal lovers or pet owners MUST watch this.

Friday, 29 January 2010

i-Pad: Does It Have Wings?

last night chris came home and exclaimed...

chris: dear! thanks for the valentine's day present!!!
me: ha??
chris: thanks for buying me an i-Pad!! =DDD
me: er... ha?? -.-???!!

i don't know about you but even though i <3 APPLE, i find that the name sounds like something i use 5 days a month -.- and i was tempted to ask chris "does it have wings?"

the internet is already populated with jokes about the name such as

"Yes, the iPad is small, lightweight and slim. But can you swim with it?"

"It could be hooked up to a MacBook to download protection for up to a thousand periods."

"Will women send their husbands to the Apple store to buy iPads?"

and the term i-tampon has come up... hahahaha...

i don't know la but i'm not sure whether i need to pay SGD$700 for a giant i-pod touch. but i may change my mind when i see chris' new i-pad =P (i'm very sure he will buy it la...)

anyway, according to Yahoo! news, "Nintendo was swamped with potty-training jokes after it announced its new game console: Wii." but we all know how well it sold and how much people (at least my colleagues and chris' colleagues) enjoy playing it right?

so i'll wait and see =)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


WA WA WA!!! I suddenly realised that on watches with roman numerals, the 4 is IIII, not IV!!! so i went on the net to search for famous clocks and the ones in Otaru and Sapporo are like this too!! WA WA WA!

however, big ben is not... hm...

chris and i were in Paragon that day so we checked out the (expensive) watches. true enough, almost all are IIII except Chopard which is IV.

There are various interesting stories behind this on the internet which i found. Here are the most common ones:

"There is a story that a famous clockmaker had constructed a clock for Louis XIV, king of France. The clockmaker had naturally used IV for four. When the clock was shown to the king, he remarked that IIII should have been used instead of IV. When it was explained to him that IV was correct, he still insisted, so that there was nothing to do but change the clock dial. This introduced the custom of using IIII for four. This is probably only a story, however, as IIII occurs long before the time of Louis XIV. And this same story is also told in connection with other monarchs. There is one reason why IIII is preferable to IV, and it may have caused the change. On the other side of the clock dial the VIII is the heaviest number, consisting of four heavy strokes and one light one, as it is usually made. It would destroy the symmetry to have the IV with only two heavy strokes on the other side. Thus IIII with four heavy strokes is much to be preferred. The change may therefore have been made for reasons of symmetry."

"It's said, that in Roman times, they didn't use IV for 4, because IV are the first two letters of the name of their king of the gods, Jupiter, Iupiter (IVPITER, as it was written). So originally IIII was used in place of IV, and it is only in more recent times that IV has become the standard."

Interesting! =D

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


On Sunday I searched high and low for chris but couldn't find him... study - no, kitchen - no, bedroom - no, wardrobe - no, toilet - no and i was wondering, "Where on earth is he??? Did he go out?" i didn't recall seeing him go out of the house...

then i found him *stunned* and couldn't believe my eyes!!! O.O|||

he dozed off in west n claire's enclosure!!


Monday, 25 January 2010

Let's Speaks Good England!

Here are some words we Singaporeans always mispronounce...

SALMON should be s-air-men. The "L" is silent.

Similarly, ALMOND is ah-mond. However, air-l-mond is acceptable too.

Other silent consonants include "H" in VEHICLE (like VEHEMENT). so it's not vee-hee-kel but more like veer-kel. The "H" only comes in when you say VEHICULAR.

ASSEMBLE and ASSEMBLY are to be pronounced with "S", not "Z" sounds.

and there's a difference between ACCESS and ASSESS. you ACCESS ek-ses information via the internet but you ASSESS as-ses your student's ability. ACCESS has the "k" sound.

you boost someone's MORALE mer-rah-l but you give him MORAL mor-rel support.

CHILDREN is chill-dren, not chew-ren. And CHILDREN is already plural! so there is no such word as CHEWRENS -.-

finally, it's FINITE fai-night but INFINITE in-fi-nit, not in-fai-night.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Old Is Gone, The New Has Come

as my new still-very-shy 7D (his name is "shichi-kun" meaning "little 7" (shichi-chan is more difficult to pronounce then shichi-kun la)) peeks from behind his box to explore the unfamiliar surroundings, i have to pack my 400D for re-sale and it's rather heart-breaking =(

yes, it's time to say goodbye to my beloved 400D =( although people think he's just an entry level camera, we have spent a good 3 years and shared many happy memories together =)

for regular readers of my blog, you will find the photos very familiar =)

our first date was to botanical gardens with eunice and king. i like this photo of eunice with an FM2 =)

The first photo i editted using Lightroom ^^

I took part in a Hort Park Photography Exhibition (I think Quentin took part too) and was thrilled to see my photo in their gallery. I remembered I took Mr Tee and CC to see =)

we explored many firsts in Perth

[photo courtesy of Eunice]

and macro in Phuket

we climbed the steps of Angkor Wat

and captured the colours of Malacca

We basked in the warm glow of the evening sun in Koh Samui

and felt the winds kiss our cheeks in Iwakuni

we saw sun rise in kyoto

and the sun set in Bali

we strolled along the river in Kinugawa

and admired the sacred bridge in Nikko

we breathed in the fragrance of the furano blooms

and savoured ramen in Hakata

we adored the vibrant colours

and the friendly deers of Miyajima

we took a cruise around kujukushima

and a boat ride in Huis Ten Bosch

we ate kurobuta in kagoshima

and drank puffer fish tail sake in osaka

we appreciated the beautiful gardens of Nara

and the serenity of Arashiyama

we celebrated the union of Meoto-iwa

and the magnificence of Takayama

we endured the hike up shiroyama

and the cold of shirakawa

we got to know Mozart better in Salzburg

we remembered the victims of war in Hiroshima

and the Jews in Dachau

we almost fainted in the lourve

and almost died scaling Notre Dame

we enjoyed quiet moments by the Alpsee

and chased a bumble bee in Germany

I will miss my 400D... after carrying the 7D for like 5 mins, the 400D felt more like a toy but still, he will always be my first camera =) 我的第一個 i have grown to know the dial and buttons so well that i don't even need to take my eyes off the viewfinder to get what i want...

as i was writing this post, i teared... i will really miss my first camera and then it occured to me, i want to thank someone... chris =) thanks dear, for the camera... without which i could not have captured all those special moments i spent with you =)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gimme My Pappadum!!!!!!!!!!

just now i ordered banana leaf apollo fish head curry home delivery and was really looking forward to it cos i haven't had it for a long time and i was starving after battling it out at Takashimaya... i fantasized about sinking my teeth into the curry-coated pappadum, the crispness of the pappadum jostling with the flavourful curry in my mouth!!! WAAAHHH!!!!! slurp! can't wait...

but when it arrived, THEY FORGOT THE PAPPADUM!!!!!!!! i checked out order... no pappadum!!!! checked the receipt... no pappadum!!!! but i got order!!!!!

me: where's the pappadum?? i ordered!
guy: er... the receipt don't have...
me: but i ordered...

so he called Ranjini, the lady who to took my order, and it seems she made a mistake!!! ROAR!!!

guy: sorry... they forgot the pappadum...

*DENG DENG DENG DENG!!!! sky crashing down on me*

me: how can???!!!!! >.< how to eat fish head curry without pappadum!!!!! AAAHHH.... (i really went AAAHHHH!!! LOL) *disappointed =(((((*
guy: sorry la m'dm... even if i go back and take, it will take too long...
me: don't you have an extra pack in the van????
guy: no m'dm... *showed me his empty delivery bag, look helpless* they said they will bring your pappadum next time you order...
me: next time???? erm... is there another delivery guy on his way out can you ask him to bring?
guy: no m'dm, i run alone...
me: oh... ok lor... thank you *emo -.-*
guy: very sorry m'dm. why don't you call them and scold! just scold!!!
me: sighs... ok thank you.
guy: i take my leave ha? thank you.

so i called ranjini...

me: hi, i ordered home delivery... and you forgot my pappadum =(
ranjini: sorry la dear... very sorry...
me: i am so disappointed =( how to eat fish head curry without pappadum????!!!!
ranjini: next time! next time you order i give you TWO packets!
me: why will i need TWO packets of pappadum NEXT TIME???!!!! i want pappadum NOW! and next time, like as though you will remember! hng!
ranjini: i remember! i am the only one answering phone... i will remember!
me: but but.... eating your curry without pappadum is like eating ice kachang without ICE! *exasperated but immediately realise how ridiculous i sound... but neh mind la, couldn't think of a better analogy at that point...*

she chuckled... think she felt flattered -.-

ranjini: sorry dear, next time i give you!
me: hng... i was so looking forward to it =( now no pappadum =( *want to cry*
ranjini: very sorry...

*grumble grumble*

then chris came back...

me: DEEEEAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY FORGOT PAPPADUM!!!!!!!!!!!! =(((((((((( AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!
chris: 不會吧???!!!!(HA???!!!!!)

the next time i order i'm going to tell them, "You owe me one packet of pappadum!!!"

Dong Door Long Dong Qiang!!

CNY is coming again so time to go shopping for qipao!! I found two very cute ones at Giant Tampines =)) The material feels much better than last year's and there's a soft lining =) so i believe they will be more comfy than last year's prickly ones =)


wa, we were at Giant (opp IKEA) for the first time that day and wa, the carpark got zebra crossing one!! and the inside is so huge like tesco in thailand!! we were like suaku suaku LOL

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


This is hilarious and so true... i dedicate this to Chris' good friend JX.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lady's Fingers Are Good For...

One of the dishes for dinner at my in-law's place over the weekend was assam fish head. Chris' dad scooped out some lady's fingers and dumped them onto Chris' plate...

chris: I dowan!!!
dad: EAT!!!
me: er pa, chris doesn't eat lady's fingers... *scooped it up and ate it for him*
dad: *to the mum* he doesn't know anything... *to chris* lady's fingers are good for you!!
chris: i don't like!
dad: *to the mum* sigh... he doesn't know what's good...
me: so... why should we eat lady's fingers? what's it good for?
dad: men should eat more lady's fingers! *to chris* now you know why?!
chris and me: -____________________-|||

Monday, 18 January 2010

Animals Have Pride

hahaha... west and claire are so funny and cute... whenever they hear the "chak chak chak" sound of shaking the treats box, they'd SPRINT toward us... makes us feel so loved (we're such delusional pet owners... it's the treats they love, not us -.-) and usually they'd be ALL OVER us (the box actually -.-) and get very excited.

anw, they hate to be brushed and will run and hide so we tried to trick them by shaking the treats box. when they came, chris caught west and started brushing his fur. he got very upset. when chris was done, he offered west a piece of dried banana (west loves that) but west refused to eat it. he ran into his enclosure and sulked. chris went in too to coax him with the banana... west turned around and showed us his backside and bo hew-ed chris! i swear i saw him "geen" us!!! hahaha... end up we both went in, bent down, said sorry, stroked him and offered him the banana again... he finally mianqiang-ly (grudgingly) ate it.

this bunny got pride one k! LOL

(claire escaped being brushed because she grabbed the banana and slipped through chris' hands hahah clever girl)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Visit to the Vet

That day I found a drop of blood on the floor near West and Claire's toilet and told chris. He was so kancheong and checked their bodies for any wounds or bleeding but could not find any so we brought them to see the vet and do a general check. we usually bring them to The Animal Doctors at ang mo kio. they vets there are very good with small animals. there's a nother vet at Namly Clinic that's very good too but AMK is much nearer to our home.

they were sooooo cute and docile... ah yo such good actors (at home they're tyrants!) hahaha while at the vet, i snapped a few pictures with my i-phone =)

here's west in his signature "underexposed" pose

vet checking west's "boy boy" (which is the size of a cooked green bean LOL)

vet checking claire's heartbeat

Claire posing for photo

vet checking claire's "girl girl"

she didn't find anything abnormal except a broken nail on claire's left paw which seems to have healed by itself. her guess is that claire might have been sprinting around the house and didn't "brake" in time, rammed into the wall and broke her nail, hence causing some bleeding. hahaha rabbits can be quite dumb sometimes LOL they'd miscalculate their speed and skid around... the thought of that just tickles me =D

oh, the vet weighted them and they lost about 10% of their weight each and are now in the ideal range so that's great =) the diet worked!