Monday, 18 January 2010

Animals Have Pride

hahaha... west and claire are so funny and cute... whenever they hear the "chak chak chak" sound of shaking the treats box, they'd SPRINT toward us... makes us feel so loved (we're such delusional pet owners... it's the treats they love, not us -.-) and usually they'd be ALL OVER us (the box actually -.-) and get very excited.

anw, they hate to be brushed and will run and hide so we tried to trick them by shaking the treats box. when they came, chris caught west and started brushing his fur. he got very upset. when chris was done, he offered west a piece of dried banana (west loves that) but west refused to eat it. he ran into his enclosure and sulked. chris went in too to coax him with the banana... west turned around and showed us his backside and bo hew-ed chris! i swear i saw him "geen" us!!! hahaha... end up we both went in, bent down, said sorry, stroked him and offered him the banana again... he finally mianqiang-ly (grudgingly) ate it.

this bunny got pride one k! LOL

(claire escaped being brushed because she grabbed the banana and slipped through chris' hands hahah clever girl)