Friday, 8 January 2010

Are Men Better At Navigation Than Women??

In Mathematics, if you need to prove that a statement is true, you have to prove it to be true in ALL cases

e.g. "1+2+3+...+n = (n/2)(n+1) for positive integer n"

but if you need to prove that it's not true, you just need a COUNTER-EXAMPLE

e.g. is "a > b imply a^2 > b^2" true for real numbers a and b?

obviously not... consider a = 2 and b = -3.

well, last night after the BBQ, JT, WT and i got a lift from JS. JS (the one with the y chromosome) started walking in one direction...

JT (female): er... i think you parked there *pointed in the opposite direction*
JS: is it? it's here la...
me: i will trust JS cos he is a guy =DDD
JT: not true! *determined to prove me wrong*

so we followed JS... walk walk walk to a road.. with NO cars...

JT: is the other side la!

JS paused there for a while... looking around for his car...

me: admit it... hehehe... you're wrong hehehe

so we followed JT and finally reached the car... hehehe =D

i guess you can re-phrase it as "Men are GENERALLY better at navigation than women." This will be more difficult to prove true or false LOL