Friday, 8 January 2010

Boomz BBQ

My dept had a really enjoyable BBQ on yesterday evening. The food was great and the company was awesome. HY, one of the organisers, is this very prudent guy who made sure we got the most out of every dollar... he was hilarious... and very creative too

HY: er... eat satay already keep the satay stick ha. use for marshmallows =D
us: -____-|||
me: wa, so budget ah?
HY: don't you always do that?
me: yes... when we were still students LOL

we ended up having too much food... especially hotdogs and crabsticks...
while everyone was attacking the delicious satay...

HY: ok! to get ONE satay, you must eat ONE hotdog! =D
us: ha???!!!


the chicken wings started piling up while we started to wind down so we decided to play zhong ji mi ma... well, you decide on a number between 1 and 100 (exclusive) e.g. 7 n the next person says a number e.g. 50 and you say "1 to 50" which is the interval that contains your number and it goes on until the unlucky fellow hits "7"

the penalty is to eat a chicken wing...

we played it a couple of rounds and poor PP kena a few times LOL

the gathering ended with a round of taboo and we were forced to leave cos the security uncle came and we had a meeting this morning. i bet if we had no meeting this morning... we'd play until v v late LOL

i love my dept people! =)

oh, end up we didn't even open the marshmallows! and this morning during meeting we were all =.=zzz

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