Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gimme My Pappadum!!!!!!!!!!

just now i ordered banana leaf apollo fish head curry home delivery and was really looking forward to it cos i haven't had it for a long time and i was starving after battling it out at Takashimaya... i fantasized about sinking my teeth into the curry-coated pappadum, the crispness of the pappadum jostling with the flavourful curry in my mouth!!! WAAAHHH!!!!! slurp! can't wait...

but when it arrived, THEY FORGOT THE PAPPADUM!!!!!!!! i checked out order... no pappadum!!!! checked the receipt... no pappadum!!!! but i got order!!!!!

me: where's the pappadum?? i ordered!
guy: er... the receipt don't have...
me: but i ordered...

so he called Ranjini, the lady who to took my order, and it seems she made a mistake!!! ROAR!!!

guy: sorry... they forgot the pappadum...

*DENG DENG DENG DENG!!!! sky crashing down on me*

me: how can???!!!!! >.< how to eat fish head curry without pappadum!!!!! AAAHHH.... (i really went AAAHHHH!!! LOL) *disappointed =(((((*
guy: sorry la m'dm... even if i go back and take, it will take too long...
me: don't you have an extra pack in the van????
guy: no m'dm... *showed me his empty delivery bag, look helpless* they said they will bring your pappadum next time you order...
me: next time???? erm... is there another delivery guy on his way out can you ask him to bring?
guy: no m'dm, i run alone...
me: oh... ok lor... thank you *emo -.-*
guy: very sorry m'dm. why don't you call them and scold! just scold!!!
me: sighs... ok thank you.
guy: i take my leave ha? thank you.

so i called ranjini...

me: hi, i ordered home delivery... and you forgot my pappadum =(
ranjini: sorry la dear... very sorry...
me: i am so disappointed =( how to eat fish head curry without pappadum????!!!!
ranjini: next time! next time you order i give you TWO packets!
me: why will i need TWO packets of pappadum NEXT TIME???!!!! i want pappadum NOW! and next time, like as though you will remember! hng!
ranjini: i remember! i am the only one answering phone... i will remember!
me: but but.... eating your curry without pappadum is like eating ice kachang without ICE! *exasperated but immediately realise how ridiculous i sound... but neh mind la, couldn't think of a better analogy at that point...*

she chuckled... think she felt flattered -.-

ranjini: sorry dear, next time i give you!
me: hng... i was so looking forward to it =( now no pappadum =( *want to cry*
ranjini: very sorry...

*grumble grumble*

then chris came back...

me: DEEEEAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY FORGOT PAPPADUM!!!!!!!!!!!! =(((((((((( AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!
chris: 不會吧???!!!!(HA???!!!!!)

the next time i order i'm going to tell them, "You owe me one packet of pappadum!!!"