Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lady's Fingers Are Good For...

One of the dishes for dinner at my in-law's place over the weekend was assam fish head. Chris' dad scooped out some lady's fingers and dumped them onto Chris' plate...

chris: I dowan!!!
dad: EAT!!!
me: er pa, chris doesn't eat lady's fingers... *scooped it up and ate it for him*
dad: *to the mum* he doesn't know anything... *to chris* lady's fingers are good for you!!
chris: i don't like!
dad: *to the mum* sigh... he doesn't know what's good...
me: so... why should we eat lady's fingers? what's it good for?
dad: men should eat more lady's fingers! *to chris* now you know why?!
chris and me: -____________________-|||