Monday, 25 January 2010

Let's Speaks Good England!

Here are some words we Singaporeans always mispronounce...

SALMON should be s-air-men. The "L" is silent.

Similarly, ALMOND is ah-mond. However, air-l-mond is acceptable too.

Other silent consonants include "H" in VEHICLE (like VEHEMENT). so it's not vee-hee-kel but more like veer-kel. The "H" only comes in when you say VEHICULAR.

ASSEMBLE and ASSEMBLY are to be pronounced with "S", not "Z" sounds.

and there's a difference between ACCESS and ASSESS. you ACCESS ek-ses information via the internet but you ASSESS as-ses your student's ability. ACCESS has the "k" sound.

you boost someone's MORALE mer-rah-l but you give him MORAL mor-rel support.

CHILDREN is chill-dren, not chew-ren. And CHILDREN is already plural! so there is no such word as CHEWRENS -.-

finally, it's FINITE fai-night but INFINITE in-fi-nit, not in-fai-night.